Friday, January 20, 2012

Don't Tell Anyone Where Your Key Is!

Last week, the man who was going to come and take up all the carpet and pad at my MIL's house -- his name is Chico -- said he could come by the house on Saturday to LOOK at the job.  I was 45 miles away, and I didn't want to drive there and back just for him to LOOK at the job.  We knew him from last summer when he and his crew came and did some work for us at the same house.  I decided to tell him where the key was hidden outside so he could just walk in and look to see how much carpet there was and how much furniture there was to move.  That was last weekend -- when he didn't show up at all on Saturday -- never answered his phone when I called him over and over on Sunday -- and then showed up at 3:30 PM that Sunday and called me saying he was at the house. 

Yes, it is all coming back to me now ........................ refer to my "Contractors" post.

So, this is a week later.  Chico told me when he called at 3:30 last Sunday that he would be here with his crew at 8 AM Saturday -- which is tomorrow.  I told him I would be here.  I am a major planner aheader, so I got here yesterday to start preparing for his arrival.  I went out in the garage this morning and swept it all out with a push broom, and then vacuumed it with my shop vac.  The garage floor is where all the carpet and pad will rest until we are finished with the 12 holes being drilled inside.  Then I started moving everything I could into the areas of the house that weren't affected.  I called Graciela who is a spanish-speaking employee of mine, and asked her how to write "please use the other bathroom" and "do not remove carpet behind this door" so I could put signs up on the doors.  About 3:00, I decided to relax on the couch and read Sandra Betzina's new book of tips.

About 3:30 in the midst of my peace and quiet, I heard someone COMING IN THE FRONT DOOR that I had left locked. 

I jumped up and ran to the door wondering who on earth could be coming in.  It was Chico and 2 girls.  I asked him what he was doing.  Get this brilliant remark he said to me:

What are YOU doing here?

I asked him the same thing back.  He said, "I not think you be here." 

He had gotten the key from its hiding place and just come in.  My own stupid fault.  I never should have told him where it was.  He had come in with the two girls who spoke NO English at all to pick up two pieces of furniture I told him he could have.

Isn't that great?  Now, not only Chico knows where the hidden key is -- the two girls know where the key is.  Obviously, I have to find a new hiding place for the key now.  I hate that, but it is my own fault.  That key has been hidden there for as long as I've known Jerry's mother.

Okay, I recovered from the shock, and I directed him as to how to move the $1400 grandfather clock.  You have to remove 3 heavy weights from it.    Then you are suppose to securily wrap the clock works so they don't shake or shift.

 I kid you not.  In fact, I took a picture but can't download it tonight.  They laid that clock on a flat trailer, on its back, and just left it like that.  I will be very surprised if the clock works at all after that.  (Yes, I have tried for months to sell it.  Nobody wanted to pay over $100 for it.  Easier to just have him move it along with the stereo nobody wanted either.  And yes, I asked every relative from here to Texas if they wanted it.  None did.)

Chico and one helper are to be here at 7 AM in the morning.  I think I will go to bed early tonight so I can get up before the chickens do.  I told Chico to expect me to be in my pajamas with a cup of coffee in my hand.  Bueno!

Hugs, Joy

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