Monday, January 23, 2012

God is SO GOOD! and Superman is Real!

You will recall that yesterday, the wind blew my grill off the porch and onto its face in the backyard.  I could not lift it at all even though I tried twice.  I prayed that God would send Superman to help me, and thought of it as a silly request at the same time.

First thing this morning, I called Flair Body Shop to find out if they could fix my Honda any time in the near future.  The last time I needed repair because I had pulled up too close to a high curb, I had to wait three months to get in.  Flair was fixing the thousands of cars that got hail damage in front of everyone else because they get all of Geico's claims.  How nice for them!  Since there have been no hail storms lately, Flair said they could take my car in right away.  Yeah!

When I got to Flair, they already had my claim information, and I had not even given it to them yet.  Wow!  I love, love, love businesses like that.  The nice girl told me that the insurance company would provide me a rental car.  I didn't want the hassle of that, so I declined it.  Besides, I have another car to drive.  Since I didn't want the rental, Flair's customer-driver-home guy, Bill, had to bring me back home.  Well, the 2nd I saw Bill walk into the showroom, I thought, HOORAY, it is Superman!  A husky, nice looking, friendly guy.  I thought maybe I shouldn't ask him to pick my grill up -- but then I thought, the worst that could happen is he could say, "You crazy old woman -- quit "YELLING" at me (remember the policeman)."  I waited until we were in his little drive-customers-home truck, and this is what I said:  It works EVERY time!!!

"Oh my, you look SOOOO STRONG -- I bet you could lift an elephant!" 

He gave me one of those "awww shucks" looks.  Then I told him about the wind blowing over my grill.  I told him I was sure that Flair didn't pay him to help little old ladies in distress, but I would pay him if he could just give me one minute and HELP ME lift up the grill.  He said he would. 

So when we got back to my house, he came in and through the house to the backyard.  I showed him the grill and he went over to pick it up.  I rushed over by his side and started to pick up one half of it. 

He said, "Oh, Maam, please let me do it.  I can do it by myself."  I'm sure he was thinking he didn't mind doing this one thing for me, but he didn't want to have to perform mouth-to-mouth on me and call an ambulance next. 
He lifted it like it was a feather and put it back up on the porch.  He also locked the wheels for me (Jerry was right) so it would not blow/roll off again.  We walked back in the house, and I said, "Let me pay you for that."  He said, "No, that's alright."  I insisted.  I said I could at least buy him lunch, and I gave him a $20 bill.  He was very happy, and so was I. 

Thank You, Lord, for sending such a sweet SUPERman to help me.

Hugs, Joy

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