Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Lazy Sunday and Blouse Revisions

My goodness, what a lazy day.  Jerry has been at his computer all day long, as usual ...

We did watch Rev. John Hagee this morning from Cornerstone Church in San Antonio.  It was a very interesting message.  It was about Mary Magdalene and how all of us have the idea that she was a prostitute.  WHERE did we get that idea???  The Bible doesn't ever say she was a prostitute.  It says she had seven devils cast out.  The Bible doesn't even say the name of the woman caught in adultery.  

After "church" (we always watch on our computers), Jerry started working on 2011 taxes -- we JUST finished 2010 -- and I started working on my Sure-Fit Designs version of New Look 6808.  It takes me forever to do what Glenda could do in ten minutes.  I can make the entire blouse in less than a day, but it takes me days to make a pattern because of the wierd revisions I have to make to it.  

Wierd revisions such as my shoulders.  I have them on my door, you know:

Yep, that's them right there.  I have had Jerry draw them and Phylly draw them and even tried to draw them myself.  I highly recommend you DON'T try to do it yourself because it is IMPOSSIBLE!!!  In that picture, the shoulder on the left is actually my RIGHT shoulder, and the shoulder on the right is my LEFT shoulder.  Just getting that right took me quite awhile.  I would walk over and stand up next to them.  QUIT laughing!!!
There is no pattern in the world that is going to allow for your shoulders being different than each other.  Pattern companies assume you are built like a Barbie doll with even shoulders and boobs up under your chin.

MY GOAL FOR TODAY was to make my Sure-Fit Designs pattern into the style I just made from the New Look 6808 because Glenda wants me to do that because it is supposed to be easy -- and for Glenda, it is easy.  I want to know how it all works though, so I made a gallant effort.  In case you haven't read my other posts, here is a picture of the New Look 6808 blouse I just finished making:

 I am trying really, really, really hard to make my words wrap around the pictures, but I just cannot do it.  Somebody please advise me if you know how to do that.

Anyway,  Notice the COLLAR AND BOW and notice the GREAT FIT, especially in the armholes (I hate that word "armsceye"!).  I wanted to compare that to the SFD pattern to see what was different.  Well here is what I found that was different shown in the following pictures of my SFD blueprint.

This is the FRONT.  I needed to shave the armhole inward
and add width from under the bust down to the
hem to match the New Look blouse.  Shoulder tip was the same. 
 I believe the addition of width to the front and NOT the back
means that my stomach is bigger than my butt!!!
 This is the BACK.  All I needed here was to bring the armhole inward quite a bit. 
 The shoulder point was the same.

I also had to lower the neckline to make it a boatneck, but that was no problem.  I actually get that part.

I think Glenda is going to do a tutorial on this problem which I believe is what results from a narrow upper chest and back width.  "Normal" people don't require this deep armhole. 
Okay.  I got that all figured out and went on to what I thought would be the EASY part:  Drawing the collar on my SFD blueprint.  What I soon learned was that when one shoulder is different than the other, you have to have a LEFT collar and a RIGHT collar.  Here is my scary attempt at explaining this for my future reference.  Don't feel bad if you don't get it -- I MADE the changes and took the pictures, and I STILL don't understand it.
Time to go fix Mr. Bernsides (one of his many nicknames) some supper.  I'm going to make Spaghetti tonight.  We went out for steak last night, and the same restaurant that served me an AWESOME meal last week, messed my steak up TWICE last night.  I ordered it "PINK all the way through", and the waiter advised me that was "medium".  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight -- they always say that.  It came GRAY all the way through and it was a Filet Mignon.  Yuk!  To me, to be cooked too much, ruins it.  The Manager came over and apologized profusely and asked if I wanted another one.  I told her "No", at first, but after a few bites, decided I wanted it right.  I sent it back.  The next one came 20 minutes later when we had already paid and were ready to leave.  She asked me to check it.  Jerry and I took one look at it and could see they had just chopped it off the poor cow and slapped it on my plate! 

We asked for a To Go Box.  I broiled it a couple minutes, sliced it up for sandwiches and we had it for lunch.  YUMMO!  

Gotta go!

Hugs, Joy



  1. If you didn't change anything on their collar and it worked, why are you working so hard to change it now? Is this a pattern making exercise?

    Don't forget Barbie has an 18 inch waist to go along with the impossibly perky boobs and extremely looooong legs!
    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Joy, I just found your blog the other day and have read every entry. You are an inspiration. I wondered why you didn't just use your SFD bodice pieces and just draw the neckline in. I have this pattern and have the V-neck version on my long list of SFD variations to try. My right shoulder drops too, I have a right side and a left side for my SFD blueprint. Keep up the great work.


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