Monday, January 2, 2012

My Hobby -- Sewing

I have been trying since my early 20's to learn how to make something -- anything! -- that fits right.  When I was in my 20's, I had a nice figure, but the patterns still never fit my body just right.  I had a lot better luck then than I do now, however.  Something happens to your body after 50.  It is so drastic, you would think you could see it happening, but you can't.  I know that if you sew, you can "see it" a whole lot clearer than if you don't sew. 

I am not totally sure WHY I have decided to journal these activities, but perhaps it is because something like this would have been an extreme help to me many years ago.  Yes, there are a zillion books, and a zillion classes -- and I have purchased or taken most of them!  I took a Palmer and Pletsch course -- I went to all the fitting classes offered here where I live including Designing with Dusan, Sandra Betzina, Peggy Sagers, Cynthia Guffey, Lorraine Henry, Cathy Ruddy, the underwear lady, the fur coat lady, the purse and jacket lady from Canada, and many others I can't recall at the moment.  What is really weird about these classes is the exact thing one instructor tells you that you ABSOLUTELY MUST DO, the next instructor tells you to FORGET AND NEVER DO IT AGAIN!

I kid you not!  I just watched a DVD on beginning sewing that was 2 hours long.  In it the instructor tells you that the only thing you need to sew is ONE very large pair of scissors, a sewing machine, a serger if you can afford one, and a few weights.  The weights can be anything from a cell phone to a tv remote control to bb's in little bags.  Just throw something down on the fabric and start cutting.  I thought to myself there is no way on earth a beginning sewer could sew after watching that DVD.  The tools demonstrated -- just to explain that you didn't need any -- were still in the packages!  Now, this instructor is one of my very favorites and she sews beautifully, but really.....  One of my pleasures in life is all the "toys" that go with my hobby.  I have, after all, 10 sewing machines (some sergers, some embroidery) and I use every one of them!  I have 30 or more different scissors, and I use all of them too.  I have a pencil cup holding various sewing notions every few feet I walk in my sewing rooms.  I could go on and on about my notions.  These things don't even include my quilting tools.  Did I mention "rulers"!

I will admit that what I have is way overboard from what is actually required to be a seamstress.  But really -- you have to have more than a pair of large scissors and some bb weights.  She does agree with me that you cannot have too much fabric.  I have actually bought some very nice pieces of  fabric from her.  I love her.  She is great, and you probably know who I am talking about if you sew.  What really cracks me up is she and Cynthia Guffey teaching at the same event.  If you don't know Cynthia, she is the complete opposite of this other lady.  What one tells you to do -- the other one tells you to forget you ever heard it.  So funny.  And probably why I STILL can't make my clothes fit, and why I will still take every class I can get to!
Proverbs 31:24 -25
She maketh fine linen, and selleth it; and delivereth girdles unto the merchant.  Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.

My husband paid me the nicest compliment the other day.  He said he had just read about the virtuous wife in Proverbs 31 and that I was like her in every way EXCEPT I didn't sell the clothes or the quilts I make.  He thinks I should sell everything I make, especially, the quilts.  And then he thinks I should mass-produce them.  Oh, well.  At least, I was like her in other ways. (-;

Hugs, Joy

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  1. I truly enjoy your tutorials and have learned so much. Even though I'm an old sewer there's still plenty to learn. I just have a hard time trying to navigate to all of your pages and blogs. But I am getting better at it. Love the pictures of Jackie and Josie. Hope all is well on the home front. Thanks you for all your help.


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