Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Look Pattern 6808

WHEW!  It is time-consuming to learn new stuff.  I'm so glad I am learning it though.  This topic is going to be a complete bore and incoherent to anyone who does not sew, so please feel free to just skip it.  What I am doing is taking a Commercial Pattern -- in this case, New Look #6808 -- and I am making it fit my body.

I am making the solid pink version with the 3/4 length sleeves.

What I am not learning here in Bloggerland is how to get these words to go where I want them! 

What I have been working on all afternoon is how to make short videos to show step-by-step what I am doing.  These are things that took me many classes and many years to learn, so maybe a new sewer could benefit from them.

I need to make it perfectly clear that I am not a teacher -- I have no affiliation with Palmer/Pletsch or with Sure-Fit Designs.  These are just systems that I use and love.  If you google either one of those names, you will be directed to their websites where there are lots of things to see for free and amazing things to buy. 

That said, I am sharing the steps I go through to get a commercial pattern to fit me -- not in much detail -- but enough to give you a good idea.  I wouldn't even start to attempt to show you how to use your Sure-Fit Designs blueprint and compare it to the commercial pattern.  Go to Glenda's website -- www.surefitdesigns.com -- for that.  She has dozens of videos that explain it in great detail.  Neither do I show the Palmer and Pletsch -- www.palmerpletsch.com -- method in great detail.  There are several books written that I learned it from that are very well written and a necessity for every sewer's library -- in my opinion.  Actually, my friend, Phylly, and I have been fitting each other for several years, and we have learned by making a whole bunch of mistakes, and doing these things over and over, what works best for us. 

So here I go.  I opened up the paper patterns and spread them all out on my table.  I marked on the direction sheet which pieces I was going to need.  Then I took my rotary cutter and trimmed around all the pieces I was going to need.  The rest just go back in the envelope.  My mother used to sit in a chair with a pair of scissors and trim every single piece in the envelope -- neatly fold them and put them all back inside the envelope.  I can't see wasting time cutting pieces I don't need for this project. 

These "videos" are all very short clips only a minute or two in length.

I knew without even opening the pattern that it was going to have a B bust dart that was way too small for my body.  So the first thing I did was a Full Bust Adjustment (FBA).  There are lots of videos on how to do that, so I did not video that part.  The first video shows how to mark the seamlines and tape them:

The 2nd video shows the FRONT and BACK paper patterns clipped and pinned together for try on:

The 3rd video shows the first try on in front of a mirror where I discover that the bust dart is way too high:

The 4th video shows how I fixed the "too high bust dart":

The 5th video shows paper patch of new bust dart:

The 6th video shows the 2nd try on in the mirror:

The 7th and LAST video shows how I figured the ease:

I don't know if I will get this cut out of fabric tomorrow or not.  Life is wanting me to pay attention to something other than my sewing hobby for awhile. 

I will be taking care of my Mother-in-Law and her home for the next several days.  Loooooooooooong story, but as of now, I am having all the brand new carpet and brand new pad taken up so 12 piers can be drilled down through the cement floors all through the house. 

Also, my MIL needs to see her doctor, so I will be taking her to her appointment.  This will cut drastically into my sewing time, lol.  I will post pics of this continuing project as it develops.  By the way, I love my MIL very much.  She is a wonderful person.  Sadly, she doesn't remember much these days.
Hugs, Joy


  1. Great job, Joy Joy! That is a lot of work. Very helpful for new sewists! Hugs, Phylly


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