Monday, January 16, 2012

Nine Sure-Fit Designs Blouses, Wovens, 2011

I have many more than nine completed SFD blouses from last year; however, they are not all where I am right now.  I was able to find six of them in my closet to photograph for my blog today, and I found a few pics of earlier projects here in this computer.  Some of these were from the Dress Kit and some were from the Shirt Kit.  The only way I can really tell if they are "Shirt" is if the sleeves are bigger and there is no bust dart.  I think blouses with a dart fit my shape better. 

This one is my most creative, but it is so hard to see.  I made a sideways princess seam/dart going horizontally across my bust.  I also put princess seams in the back of the blouse.
Below, I am pointing to the area that the princess seam goes directly across the front of my blouse.

 The detail on this little sleeveless blouse is hard to see.  It has a yoke at the top under the shoulder and the dart has been moved under the yoke in the form of gathers.  It has slits at both sides.
 Here is another version of the shoulder yoke with gathers under it.  The shoulder seams are back too far for you to see it in the below pic.  This version just pulls over my head.  Very fast to make.
This turquoise shirt is from the SHIRT KIT which has much more ease.   I don't like large armholes, so I have taken a tuck in the bottom of the sleeves.
Below is a different neckline and 3/4 sleeves with turned up bottoms.  I really like this style.  I made it twice.  The darts have been moved to French darts from the apex down to the side seam at my waist.  Any time there are darts, you know it is from the DRESS Kit.

This blouse has bust darts and waist darts in the front and back.  I like this fit.  You can tell I like V-necklines.  My Mother told me once that I don't look good in round necks because I have a round head, so I never make them unless they are low and wide.

This is one of my favoritist blouses of all.  I made four little pleats in the sleeve to take in the fullness, and it is so cute, I think.  No bust darts, so it is from the Shirt Kit.

Here is another sleeve style I made.  I LOVE it too. 
Bust darts in this, so it is from the DRESS Kit.

This one is my ladybug blouse.  A low round neck.  Does my head look like a basketball?  Hope not.  I wear this one a lot!
That's it for now, but I will be making more blouses right away.  I am going to start over with a new blueprint because I left the one I have at my other house.  I think it is fun drawing the blueprint.  I've got brand new fabric in the washer and the dryer as I type.  A JoAnn's store is closing here, and all the fabric left in the store was 50% off today.  The buttons were 75% off!  The thread was 75% off, but any color I would ever use was all gone.  Every pattern was gone too.  I felt lucky to get what I did.  You will be seeing it in future posts all made up.

Hugs, Joy


  1. You look good in a round neck, especially when you scoop it a bit like the ladybug blouse. I don't even remember all of those tops. You've really been busy!
    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Thanks for sharing these pictures and noting which pattern set they came from. I purchased my set of Sure Fit Patterns in 1983 and after going through your blog decided to start using them. Thanks for the inspiration. Margie


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