Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dress Form Update

Whew!  What a day.  I worked at least 8 hours getting Marsha padded today, and then Jerry spent another hour helping me when he got home from work. 

If you recall, I had ordered MORE shoulder pads and more big flat pads (thigh pads) for Marsha.  It turned out that my batting worked better for padding Marsha's hips and back, so the big pads were not used.  I did put the extra shoulder pads on Marsha, but it made my problems worse instead of better.

Here is how my blouse fits me in the shoulders and neck:

Here is how my blouse fit Marsha in the shoulders and neck with 2 sets
of shoulder pads and extra padding under those. 

  Good heavens, you could hide an inner tube inside that opening!

 And here is what the arm looked like when I attached it with all that extra shoulder padding:

How LOVELY is that?  I wonder if they would let a 61 year old granny play football?

Following is a link to a video I made explaining how the day went and how I ended up taking out those extra shoulder pads.  The whole idea was to get Marsha's shoulder-to-apex measurement to be the same as mine.  And with those sky-high shoulders, it was.  Later, I did remove the extra shoulder pads, and I was able to get her measurements pretty close.  I also had to take the pole apart and rebuild it.   I need to talk to Bobbie some more.  She is supposed to call me back.

Soooooooooooo, I made that video and about that time Jerry got home and came upstairs.  I told him my day's woes and explained that I was going to have to return the arms because they would not work.  Mr. Fixit informed me that HE could fix them.  I told him I had worked and worked with them, and they just looked crazy.  He gave me that "you poor, pitiful creature" look and he immediately started working on Marsha.  He had been working since 6 AM today, and I'm sure he was already worn out.  If something is broken though, he HAS to fix it.

First, he told me the pole was wrong, and the people who made it were wrong and nobody knew anything, and he was putting it back the way it was.  He did.  Marsha was clear up in the sky again, so he had to undo the pole and put it back the Fabulous Fit way.  He still says that spring is the goofiest thing he has ever seen since it has no purpose at all. 

We got past that issue, and he picked up one of Marsha's arms and started working on that.  He got the right arm in -- stuffed a bit of padding above it -- and it looked pretty good.  Here he is working on her other arm.  What a sweetheart!  How do you like that top I painted on Marsha to cover up her bra? 
Here is Marsha all done, with both of her arms in -- thanks to Jerry!  I didn't even notice that she had turned Martian green in the next two pics.  Wish I could sew a blouse as easily as I can PhotoShop one!

Fabulous Fit seems to be a good company, although I think the directions they include with the dress form are very minimal.  They had no instruction at all for the type of dress form I purchased, that being one with the long body stocking, hanging from a pole and having arms and legs. The Ebook was no help at all.  It was about how to make a garment.  I KNOW how to make a garment.  Bobbie from FF is very nice and willing to help however she can.  She is really busy though.  She often has to get off the phone because she is on another line or busy doing something.  I guess I have been spoiled rotten by Sure-fit Designs service.

Even with those negatives, I think I will be very happy with Marsha.  I need to make sure she has a proper sway back and recheck all her measurements.

That is it for today.  I'm gettin' in my jammies and doing something that doesn't require much effort or thinking. 

Hugs, Joy


  1. Oh,Marsha, you are looking good! Matilda is going to be jealous!
    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Oh, you keep me in stitches .. ;) literally.
    You're so much fun!

    You have persevered .. and it's lookin' REAL
    good. It's hysterical and such a laughter and
    sanity escape from the gloom and doom of all
    that's happening in our dear nation to read
    your fun blog. God bless your SUPER fix-it
    and very patient hubby .. whatta prince.

    And again, your sewing room is to DIE for.
    Can't wait to see all that's coming next,
    especially the CCI (Crotch Curve Initiative).
    It's SO helpful to see you go through the
    steps and try decipher the physics of it
    'cause I have the same problems and confusion.

    Sure hope you keep taping .. ;)

    ~ Joy ~

  3. Just wandered across this ..

    Could fit your handy hubby .. LOL.


    ~ Joy ~

  4. LOL! That is him for sure, Joy.
    Hugs, Joy


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