Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Again and SFD Success Story

Sunday again, and another pretty day outside.  We listened to John Hagee on TV who talked about the first fruits.  Jerry and I are very familiar with that and were excited to hear it again in a little different fashion.

After church, Jerry informed me that he has to go BACK to our other house because he has to have a meeting with a couple employees that are making a bunch of mistakes.  Jerry isn't the best communicator, so he asked me how he could get through to them.  My answer was easy.  "Fire them if they can't get it right after all these years!"  He didn't think that would be a good idea, so I guess he will take another route.

The last blouse I made -- the blue camouflage fabric with the collar and the bow -- was made directly from a New Look commercial pattern.

Glenda -- the boss-lady at Sure-Fit Designs (SFD) -- hinted that it would be SO SIMPLE to convert my SFD blueprint into the same style.  I always believe (good or bad) what people tell me about myself, so I decided I HAD to try it.  Somewhere in this blog is the process of that.  See:  A Lazy Sunday and Blouse Revisions.

I am documenting every step of making this blouse for my new friend, Rebecca, who is a beginner sewer.  She wanted to know the order you put the blouse together in.  I have a tutorial started for her on that.  If you want to see the pictures, you can check out the "Cut Out and Sew a Blouse for Beginners" tutorial in the list at the top and on the right of this blog.

More good news about Sure-Fit Designs.  I made my sister a pattern from Sure-Fit Designs for a knit top.  She wanted it to be loose fitting and have 3/4 sleeves.  I made her a pattern using her measurements and sewed her a test garment.  I mailed them both to her.   Here is what the muslin I made her looked like on her:

You can see here that she has added a bust dart in the armhole.  You can see the original dart is still in the shirt from the waist.

You can see that the garment is very tight on her.  We discovered the reason for that was that she had sent me measurements TAKEN IN THE MORNING.  It is late in the evening in this picture, and her stomach has grown quite a bit.  I asked her to TAKE HER MEASUREMENTS RIGHT THEN as she had just texted these 3 pics to me and still had the shirt on.  The measurement she sent of her tummy was FOUR INCHES BIGGER.  No wonder the muslin is so tight on her!

You can see the garment fits her very well in the shoulders and upper chest, front and back.  All her issues are below her bust.

I got out her SFD pattern, and I made the following revisions to it:  I moved the bust dart to the armhole.  I added an extra four inches around her waist.  I actually made a video of it so she could watch it:

I mailed the revised paper Sure-Fit Designs pattern to Janice and she made it up.  She sent me these pictures yesterday.  I think it turned out B E A U T I F U L !!!


The moral of the story is this:


I do think she could use some more length over her bust.  I can fix that for her, but I doubt she cares.  This turned out so good, and she loves it.

That is it for today.  I need to finish my blouse so I can wear it at ETA.  Phylly has gone crazy and is lining pins up in rows on the pin cushion I made her for Christmas.  I hope her mind holds out 'til ETA!!!



  1. Let's pretend your sister is really picky - and she DOES want just a little extra length in the front - how would you add that? Nice job by the way - love all the Sure Fit information too!

  2. That would be ME actually -- very picky. I do add the extra length to mine. Watch for a post, and I will show you how I do it. Not tonight though -- too tired.
    Hugs, Joy


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