Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SFD "Bow" Blouse Finished; Sleeve Lessons

Goodness!  I can't seem to get decent pictures of this blouse.  The pattern on it seems to be moving or defective or something.  Maybe it is one of those patterns that looks weird when broken up with darts. 

I washed this blouse last night and ALL THE MARKS came out after spraying with Shout.  I had marked it with every kind of marker I own too.  I took it out of the washer and hung it to dry, and it barely needs ironing.  In fact, these pictures are taken with me wearing it UNironed.  I have tried and tried to get a picture to show the cute bow, but you can barely see it.  Maybe I should have put a black bow on it.  I made several videos to show Rebecca how to do the sleeve.  I'm sure they will be a complete bore if you don't sew.

I am not sure I got all the videos downloaded yet, so if they aren't here tonight, check back tomorrow.

I am still working on the back.  I put the waist darts in -- then I took the waist darts out -- then I put them back in -- and turned them all about -- la, la, la, la, la (isn't that a song?).

I know the hem looks like a roller coaster, but I suppose that is because I can't stand still OR maybe the thing is crooked.  Jerry will tell me when he gets back home.

Here, I am TRYING to show you the bow on the collar.  It is my favorite part of the blouse, and it won't show in a picture.

In one of my sleeve videos, I showed how I finished the neck WITHOUT the facings the New Look patten called for.  It worked out so good, I may never use a facing again.

I made a video of me wearing it with all the marks still in it.  I am going to post it here just for my own reference, but you are welcome to watch it too.  I talk about ETA and Cynthia Guffey.  I'll post what happens in her classes this year after next weekend.  I am wearing this blouse so she doesn't yell at me for wearing KNIT because NOTHING ELSE FITS!


These pictures show how much NICER the knit binding at the neck looks than the facings.  And it doesn't move, or flip out, or need pressing or tacking down.  I may do this on everything from now on.

Following is the link to the video where I explained how I finished the neckline WITHOUT the facings:


Following is the link to me demo'ing a wonderful way to easily gather the ease in the sleevecap:


I must go because I have to download that other video.  Even crunched up, the videos take a long time to upload to Youtube.  Can't complain though.  It is still marvelous that you can even do it at all.

Plus, I have to do about a thousand sit-ups to try to get my stomach to go down before ETA.  I have said all year long that I am going to lose at least five pounds before the next ETA.  Well, it starts this Friday, so I better get busy!!!

I'll be back in the morning to post that last video.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Cute top. I agree the bow needs to be in black. That would make it "pop".Hugs, Phylly

  2. I just found your website (linked through SFD) and I'm really enjoying it. I just started making my very first SFD master pattern, so it's really nice to see all the blouses you have made. This one is really cute! I like the bow (what I can see of it anyway). Can't wait to watch your videos.


  3. I haven't sewn garments since I was in my 20s and I was born in 1950. I am learning so much! I always tried to match the notches, too. Thank you!


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