Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bad Pants, Dress Form, Caffeine, Alligators and Catfish

Guess THIS was St. Patrick's Day.  I thought yesterday was.  I don't get out enough!

Worked most of the day on a pair of beige twill pants.  They matched my polka dot jacket perfectly.  Too bad because they are in the trash now.  I'm still not satisfied with the crotch fix.  It seems to cause a few more problems such as too way too much fabric around your upper thigh.  I kept taking it in and taking it in.  Doing that changes the crotch again.  AARRGGHH!!!  Think I will stick with blouses or just use my Sure-Fit Designs without modification.  I may have to scoop out the crotch some.  Wish I had the first pair I made here, but I don't.  I saw a video on you tube by Lorraine Henry and Cathy Franks working with the same crotch curve issue.  Lorraine says you aren't suppose to use that long back crotch -- you are suppose to add one inch of it to the back waist.

Someone asked me why Phylly's dress fit so well, but she couldn't get one to fit her at all.  Phylly and I have taken a zillion clases and have been doing this for a long time.  And STILL I am throwing things in the trash.  Phylly isn't as picky as I am, so she wears everything she makes.  I really do have a lot better luck with getting blouses to fit me well.  I did make one dress last year, and it fits me perfect.  Sorry, it isn't here either.  It was from a commerical pattern -- New Look, I think.  I had to adjust it, but I knew how to do it.  Phylly said to tell you that she made A LOT OF ADJUSTMENTS before cutting out that Vogue dress.

Some really good books for fitting solutions are the Palmer Pletsch books:  Fit For Real People and Pants For Real People.  Phylly and I both take those with us wherever we go.  There are a lot of ways to do fitting.  Phylly and I combine methods.  We also have Jackets for Real People.  P&P has several excellent DVD's done my Marla Alto who is a lovely person and very easy to watch and listen to.  Phylly and I used to play the DVD over and over and just listen to it in the background because we liked her so much.  You can find out more at

I got an email from Jill at Fabulous Fit today.  My new dress form is going to be shipped on Monday.  I am a little scared since I have not seen any pictures.  Jill wrote that they took pictures and that is what took so long.  I don't understand that.  I may get the dress form before I see the pictures at this rate!  Too bad I have to leave town next weekend.  I won't even get to use the dress form for a month.  I'll post pics as soon as I get her out of the box.

Jerry may have killed my "pep"!  He has decided that since caffeine causes inflammation in his knees, that caffeine is probably the reason I have a constant runny nose, and I pop Benadryl like candy.  (Not really -- only one at a time, and one or two a day -- but I've done that forever!)  I'm supposedly not allergic to anything.  In conversation the other day, we were talking about inflammation and his knee pain and Advil, and I mentioned that when I take Advil -- for something totally unrelated to allergies -- that it clears my head, and I can breathe much better.  So he told me that I needed to CEASE ALL CAFFEINE because that was surely what was causing inflammation in my sinuses.  Oh my!  I really L O V E my coffee in the morning -- well, from the morning until about noon actually. 

Yesterday, I had no coffee at all, and I had one cup of blueberry tea in the afternoon.  May have had iced tea for lunch.  But today, I have not had any caffeine at all.  I feel like I am drugged.  I swear I could go to bed right now, and it is only 7:27 PM.  This could be serious!  Not only that, I ran out of my daily vitamins.  I definitely need some more of those.  I'm using another kind that was on the shelf, but I don't think they work as well.

I may just start drinking tea all the time.  Phylly swears it has LESS caffeine than coffee.  As long as it is hot and wakes me up!  Oops!  Jerry said I can't have iced tea either.  Wonder if I could pretend I didn't know he meant "hot" also.

Gotta go.  Hope we can find a decent movie to watch tonight.  Most movies are pure garbage these days.  I think Jerry has the alligator people on right now,

followed by the equally amazing catfish people!  And the catfish people are from here in Oklahoma!  We have actually been to most of those places.

Better than most stuff on the tv though, I have to agree.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Fitting just takes doing! The more you do, the better you get. The more you do, the braver you are. It is only paper! If it doesn't work, then consider it a lesson and move on. If I am going to use a fabric that is really important to me, I make a muslin or two or three. Don't be in a hurry; enjoy the process.

    Oh, Joy, no one would like me very much if I didn't have my tea and Dr. Pepper. Didn't you try leaving off caffeine a year or so ago? Did it do any good then? No sugar and no caffeine; just kill me now!
    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Joy, try Republic of Tea. I love the Ginger Peach, and its decaffeinated. I can't taste the ginger but the peach smells wonderful. I also love the Blackberry Sage. I drink tea all day long. Sometimes I add the peach teabag to regular tea when I'm making a pitcher.

    1. Yes! I have both in my tea drawer.
      Thanks, Joy


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