Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quilting and Sewing and Blogging

Hello everyone!

I am so excited to have THIRTEEN members.  One of the blogs I read has over 1000 members, but she has been blogging for over three years.  I've been blogging for less than three months.  Some of you leave me the NICEST comments, and I really appreciate them.  I may start making some videos of my quilting all-over patterns for my quilt audience. 

Jerry had his surgeries this morning.  He has bandages wrapped around both hands and his forehead. 

The Skin Clinic he goes to is a very nice place.  He thinks his doctor is an alcoholic, but he says he is a talented one.  Really!  Jerry told me the doctor leaned over and whispered in his ear one time and said, "I am an acoholic."  He looks like he could be one -- pretty rough.  Always telling some silly joke.  Hard to get him in a serious mood.  BUT, he has done a great job cutting into Jerry's forehead and nose and doing plastic surgery procedures to make the scars not look so awful.  Jerry says the doctor is divorced, so evidently, the doctor told him that also.  I am so, so, so, so, so, so, SO thankful for my marriage.  I absolutely cannot imagine having your husband leave you for another woman after 20, 30 or 40 years of marriage -- or the other way around.  Devastating, for sure!  I guarantee I would be an alcoholic or worse if Jerry ever left me.  He would have to get a Victom's Protection Order against me because he would have to drag me everywhere he went with my arms clutched tightly around his waist.

We are going to get a storm shelter.  We watched all those tornadoes in so many towns on the TV last week -- or the week before -- and Jerry -- for the FIRST time ever -- said that we were definitely going to get a storm shelter.  Fortunately, we have a very large storm shelter company about 25 miles from here called "Hausner's".  We have 11 acres here where our house is, and Jerry walked around outside deciding where to put the storm shelter.  I wanted it right outside the back door, but he decided to put it quite far away from the house so the house won't blow on top of it.  I told him I hope WE don't blow on top of it trying to get to it!

I found a new online fabric "store" yesterday.  It is called Gorgeous Fabrics.  What a fun website.  The owner blogs every day, and she sews all the time.  She is young and beautiful and had the longest, prettiest hair.  She dresses like my friends Deanna and Barbara do -- in beautiful dresses, suits, jackets and SHOES that are AWESOME!  Not exaggerating here.  When my kids were little, and I spent a lot of time with Deanna, my daughter asked me one time if Deanna was a movie star.  I remember seeing some beautiful suits and dresses in my friend Margaret's closet too when I helped her move one time.  This lady sure doesn't wear Crocs, let me tell you.  I am going to run over there real quick to see if I can't get a picture of one of her pair of shoes................... hold on..........................

Can you SEE ME wearing that combination???  I wouldn't even know those three things went together.  She -- what is her name --Adriana (even her name is fancy) -- said that putting different floral prints together is in now.  I sure would not know that.    Here is a picture of her with her child on the beach. 

I thought she was SO pretty and SO fashionable and must have the world on a string.  But as I was reading her blog, I found out that in 2010, she was totally BALD and wearing wigs as all of her hair had fallen out from chemo.  She blogged about how she dressed in the above shoes and a beautiful red dress she made to go have the chemo.  She said if she had to go through it, she was going to do it in style.  What a woman!  She has three kids too.

People like that make me feel like such a whiner.  I helped her out by buying $200 worth of fabric from her website.  I just went back to her blog to find the pic of the red dress, and I noticed she QUIT blogging in 2010.  There was only one post in 2012.  She must have had a really bad year.  Or maybe she just posts all the time at her fabric site.  That is where I found this picture of her having chemo, and it was in 2010.  She is wearing a wig.

Remember, I told you I am a major people-watcher, and I think I will watch this people for awhile.  Her website is if you are interested.  AND GUESS WHAT, she has a good friend named Phyllis.  No wonder I like her!  Sure hope she is cancer-free these days.  And Guess what else?  She is taking the same class that Phylly and I are taking at -- The Couture Dress by Susan Khalje.  It is the dress Phyllis was working on this past weekend.  Vogue 8648.

Time to go fix supper for Jerry.  He is supposed to be resting.  I guess if you call going immediately in his office and working all day since we got back from surgery "resting", then he is resting.  

Hugs, Joy 


  1. That is the fabric store that had all the great knits. I showed it to you the last time you were up here. We were sitting at the table looking at your iPad.

    What a great attitude she has! I love those heels! I still miss wearing high heels. I lived in them for years. When you are short you tend to do that. Nothing made me feel sexier than a pair of gorgeous heels. Alas, tendinitis in my ankle and a bone spur in my heel ended those days.
    Hugs, Phylly

  2. This is Ann's of Gorgeous Fabrics new blog

    She does post regularly to this blog. Her fabrics are wonderful and she provides great customer service.

  3. Oh good. I'm so glad to know that. I'm sure I will be buying lots of fabric from her.
    Hugs, Joy

  4. Joy - I'm sure you have a LOT more than 13 members - some of us are just shy and never say anything!! Your blog is one of my favorites and one of the first ones I check. Always enjoy hearing what you're up to. Think you do a good job with the tutorial videos. Will look forward to seeing all your new fabulous fabric!! Have a great weekend.


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