Monday, March 12, 2012

SFD Blouse, Phylly's Dress and a Mirror

NOTICE:  The Tutorial:  Crotch Curve Correction is up!  If interested, check it out on the right side of my blog page.  Some of you have been asking for it.

Phylly and I had a BLAST this weekend.  We always do when we are together.  She knows I'm crazy, but she likes me anyway.  She says we are "sisters", not just "friends".  Yes!  I love that idea.  I told her it was a good thing we weren't neighbors because neighbors never like me for very long.  I guess too much of me is a bad thing.  Glad Jerry doesn't think so--or maybe he does, but doesn't want to give up my braininess.  (For those that missed that blog post: When Jerry was asked by a friend of ours WHAT attracted him to me, Jerry answered, "Her brain.")  Is it any wonder I have such a complex about my body?!

Phylly had to leave at 1:30, but before she left we got a video made of me doing a final fitting of her muslin.  Here is the link if you would like to see it:

And here is a picture of Phylly in her dress with all the straight pins in it.  She will cut this dress apart and use the pieces for her pattern.  She is going to make the dress out of red linen.  I will post pics as soon as she sends them to me, but don't hold your breath.  Phylly doesn't have the time to sew that I do, so it may be awhile.

You will recall that this fabric is NOT a dress print.  It has beautiful colors, but it has a wide border on each side.  Phylly purchased it years ago to do some quilty thing with, but never used it for that.  So now, it is her "muslin" for this pretty Vogue pattern.  Yesterday's post has the number.

I just LOVE that pinky/red on her!

If you watched the video, you noticed me in my new Sure-Fit Designs (SFD) blouse from last week.  I noticed in the video that I still had too much fullness in the back at the hip, so I have taken it in in the back since Phylly left.  I think it looks much better now.  Now, for some crazy reason, I am working with another commercial pattern trying to make a jacket.  Glenda is just going to have to come to my house like Phylly does so I can figure out how to turn SFD into ALL styles.

Here is a pic of me taken just a few minutes ago:

AND--How AWESOME are triple mirrors!  If you don't have one in your sewing room -- or just in your house -- I highly recommend them.  I think I paid about $200 for this one 12 years ago when we built this house.  It rests totally flat against the wall unless you need to use it -- and then the two side mirrors just pull out away from the wall on hinges.  I guess I should call this a "kewl tool" or "nifty notion", but really, it is much better than both of those titles.  It is more like a "wall wonder".  I could not cut my hair without this mirror.  Notice the back of my blouse in the mirror and how it hugs my hip now.  Much better!

I am hoping that someday SOON, I will hear from Fabulous Fit about my new dress form.  This is week three, and I haven't heard a thing.  I'm trying to be patient.  Bobbi told me that it took me WAY too long to pad my dress form, and that it should take only a few hours.  I am thinking maybe they are having the same trouble I did, OR, they just haven't gotten around to it.  I will let you know as soon as I know.

I better get back to my jacket.  I showed the pattern for it yesterday.  I will post pics if it turns out.  I am using some of that decorator fabric I purchased a few months ago.  I may look like a curtain walking around.  Just call me "Scarlett"!

Actually, I better get down to cooking some supper.  It is already 5:10 PM.  WHERE does the day go???

Hugs, Joy


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. Hello! I'm home! We had so much fun this weekend! Everyone should have a sister like you! I am so tired that I don't even think I want to sew tonight. Not that I will have a chance tonight since we are supposed to have the grandkids. However, they have not shown up yet.

    I better get the dishes cleaned up before the kids get here.

    Hugs, Phylly

  3. thanks for the fun videos. You make me smile :)
    I feel like I am on a similar journey with SFD - I have a princess seamed dress that I muslined in "good" fabric and the result is wearable. I can tweak the next version :)
    I am lucky my neighbour and best friend is also my sewing buddy - great for that fitting help.
    You have almost convinced me to try and fit pants again - almost LOL


  4. Joy, Phylly, Thank you so much for the videos. You two are so lucky to have the same hobby, to meet and to have fun. Above all I'm happy you are sharing your sewing adventures with us. I'm learning laughing, how many of us can say this?
    Greetings from Europe. Marisa

  5. Hi I am Jan from the south coast of the United Kingdom. I have stumbled across your videos only this morning and have watched them with interest.

    I am puzzled as to why Phylis can get a garment pattern to fit so well when I am getting failure after failure. If she can get this pattern to fit so well, I love to know why I can't get anything to fit at all. I do not have a friend that sews and there is no where I can get desperately needed help.

    Thankfully one of your videos did sort out the back problem I was having, but has not solved the other problem I have and which is not covered in any book I own.

    I envy you having each other to help. I love sewing but sadly am considering giving it all up because I cannot find any help for fitting patterns for tops.

    Jan UK

  6. Hello Jan, and Welcome!
    What other issues are you having? Phyllis and I have been taking classes and working on fit for three years together, and years before we knew each other. The ONLY WAY to get it right, is to do it over and over and over and over. Buy cheap fabric for muslins. Have you tried Sure-Fit Designs? It is WONDERFUL and gets a very good fit except for special needs.
    Hugs, Joy

  7. Hi Joyree
    I cannot get any top to fit. There is some alteration I need but I can't work out what. I do not have classes in my area, the only ones available are to teach one to sew or make a skirt, how to fit the garment forget it. But skirts are not a problem.

    I seem to have to make garments so big to get them on and then the front quite literally hikes up in front and sticks outwards like a starched smock. I have the bust dart smaller, no good, made it large, made it huge but it makes no difference whatsoever.

    None of my books describe what I am having. FYI I have been trying for the last three years to fit a top, I measure, remeasure and measure again almost everytime I try. I had a break for a couple of years away from sewing and before that break I had tried for 5 years to get a top to fit. I WANT to make garments, much as I love quilting and craft items there are only many items that one can make. Same for skirts. I now have a quite a few of those but no tops to wear with them which is heartbreaking. All I need is what every book I own recommends a fitting buddy. And yes, I do have Fit For Real People.


    1. Dear Jan,
      I sympathise with you, believe me. Do you know about Peggy Sager's videos? She has at least 20 of them -- all one hour long -- and all FREE. Almost all have to do with fitting issues. Go to and look for the videos. Not the ones you buy. The free ones. You can watch them over and over.
      If you can't find them, Let me know.
      Hugs, Joy

    2. I didn't know about the videos on Peggy Sager's website, although I was familier with her name through Threads magazine.

      Thanks for that tip. Am working my way through them.


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