Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday And A Slumber Party Tonight!

My favorite preacher was gone again today.  He must have taken a two-week vacation.  I suppose even preachers have to have time off.  Someone was preaching on how to be a leader, and I did learn a few things.  One:  When you correct someone (in a good way), you are "teaching".  I wonder how I could get that truth infused into my daughters' brains!

Then he talked about Lawrence (?) of Arabia -- some book he wrote, I think -- and how he gathered up all the nomads, crooks and bums in the desert to be in his army.  He had to take them into a town one time where they all stayed in a hotel.  At some point, the hotel manager went to Lawrence and told him his "army" was tearing up his hotel.  Lawrence went to the rooms to see what was going on, and his people were tearing the faucets out of the walls.  They told Lawrence that they were going to take the faucets to the desert so they could have all the water they wanted.  Lawrence, of course, explained that you had to have a WATER SUPPLY in order for the water to come out of the faucet. 

And WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT, you are asking. 

The point is that if you aren't teaching the truth from the Bible, then you are a "faucet in a desert" because you don't have a "water supply".  Remember, he is talking about being a leader or Elder in a church.

So after church, I did my usual Sunday thing, I began cleaning house.  LET ME WARN YOU, when you get new glasses, you can see the tiniest speck of dust, and the house that looked clean yesterday, suddenly looks like a sand box!  So I am giving myself a break now while I drink a float of 7-Up (no caffeine) and strawberry ice cream -- YUMMO!  And I just got an email from Phylly saying she is coming to spend the night with me tonight because we have a sew day tomorrow.  Better make sure I have POPCORN, and, of course, some tasty water for me! 

ANDDDDDDDDD, speaking of caffeine, I really have noticed a big difference in ME now that I have been off of it for the last couple weeks.  I am sleeping like a baby, and I am dreaming again.  I dreamt last night that I cut off all my hair.  I know that is because Deanna emailed me that she gave herself a haircut for several days in a row, and her hair is now very short.  In my dream, I looked like this, and I was NOT happy about it!

Also, I didn't get out of bed until 9:00 this morning.  That is very bazaar for me.  I always wake up at 6 AM to either blow my nose, tinkle or both.  Then I can't go back to sleep, so I get up and drink my first cup of coffee.  Another benefit is my allergic reactions are much improved.  I bet I took only 2 Benadryl all last week.  I haven't had any at all yesterday or today.  I even walked through the perfume department of Dillard's yesterday.  I did hold my nose, but I didn't have a reaction of swollen throat, rivers of mucous and runny eyes. 

Jerry sent me an article yesterday about caffeine and all the malfunctions it causes in our bodies.  That includes chocolate.   The article said that it takes a month to get all the caffeine totally out of your body -- or was it six months.....  Whatever. 

I am drinking decaf teas, and they are just as good insofar as being hot and tasty -- maybe even better!  Here are the three I have right now.  I'll have to find some more so I will have options for my new caffeine-free style.  I will put some in my purse so I can just order hot water at a restaurant, and then I can have a hot drink. 
Hey!  A thought just came to me:  Margueritas and wine don't have any caffeine!  Hope Jerry doesn't read any articles saying those are bad for me too.  I guess they do have about a zillion calories.  And I drink a lot of water already, but from what I read about water, it is deadly!

Gotta find something to make so Phylly can do the fitting on me tomorrow while she is here.  She is going to start sewing her red linen Vogue dress together. 

Down side of "no caffeine" -- I would LOVE to take a nap.  Haven't had a nap since I was a child and our Mother MADE us take a nap so she could watch the Loretta Young show.  Too grown up for us.  Nowdays, you can't let kids watch cartoons, never mind other programs.  I'll jump on the trampoline a minute.  That should wake me up.

Hugs, Joy 

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