Friday, March 2, 2012

WHAT Was I Thinking (SFD Blouse)

I cannot even BELIEVE I have spent over six hours trying to cover up a teensy-weensy boo boo on my new SFD blouse that I just made yesterday. 

All that was "wrong" is I had to make one of the buttonholes a little wider so I could move the button over a bit.  It was at the very top at the V where the center fronts don't really line up at the center.  Either that, or I didn't leave enough move-around-room.  Either way, I had to make the 5/8" buttonhole about 1/8" wider.

The blouse is black and white, so I had to decide whether to use black or white thread.  I chose black because that is the background color.  That buttonhole at the very top just happened to fall in a white leaf area.  Therefore, when I made it a bit longer, the part that was extra and didn't need to be there anymore stood out like a neon light -- to me.

Phylly and Jerry would say, "Leave it alone -- you can't even see it from the back of a running horse!"

But, NO!  I always have to fix every little thing, and it just so happened that I received my Petersham ribbon yesterday that I purchased to do rouching with.  So, I thought, I'll just get some of that ribbon and rouch it and apply it to cover up that extra buttonhole space.  Yep!!!  Took me over six hours and here is what it looks like now.

I don't know if it looks better or worse.  If I hang it in my closet for a few months, I may look at it and think, "OH!, What a cute blouse!"  I do that a lot.

I did a whole tutorial on rouching.  It is something Phylly and I learned from Lyla Messinger at ETA.  It sure looked a whole lot easier when she did it!  I'm wondering if I couldn't have just slapped some wide ric-rac on there and gotten the same effect.

Here is a close-up:

You gotta admit, it covers up that buttonhole next to that black button. 

I better stop sewing for the rest of today before I come up with any more bright ideas!  My sewing room looks like a tornado came in and dropped thread and fabric snips all over the room.

I know that black ribbon is hard to see.  My tutorial on this -- which is NOT posted yet -- is with yellow grosgrain ribbon.  Let me see if I can find a picture for you so you can feel sorry for me for all the work I had to do today.

You start by drawing a zig zag across 4 times the length of ribbon you want to end up with.
Then you take a needle and very long thread and sew along the entire zig zag line.  Then when you pull on that thread -- which you PRAY doesn't break -- you get the rouched ribbon.

And here is what I want to do with this yellow ribbon.  Haven't figured out how to end it though.  Need a blouse to put it on too.  I think the grosgrain is just as pretty as the Petersham.

I do have some good news.  I just discovered something about the CD player/radio I have had here in my sewing room for years.  You can SHUFFLE the music.  I know about "shuffle", of course, but I didn't know this little player could do that.  I listen to the 50's music so much, I have the order of every song memorized.  Now, it is a surprise what song comes next.  And, of course, I KNEW you would want to know that.

Time to go fix BBQ Chicken for supper.  Hope you all have a marvelous weekend.  The weather is divine here.  So sorry for all of the people in the tornado area.  How awful.

Hugs, Joy


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  2. This blouse is so cute! The ribbon trim looks just great, and it is duly noted!


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