Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday, Friend Dates, Route 66 Quilt

WEDNESDAY already!!!

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Some of you know that we have been waiting for months for the drill-holes-through-your-foundation company to come to Kingfisher, Oklahoma and drill 12 holes through Jerry's Mother's house interior floors.  Whew!  That was hard to type.  They told us they couldn't possibly get there before April, so we took the For Sale sign out of the yard, and the house has just been sitting since Christmas.

This morning, at 7:00, Jerry's cell phone rings.  Some guy with the drill-holes-through-your-foundation company wants to know if they can start TODAY.  We are 200 miles away from that house, and Jerry has to work, and I am not leaving here until Friday.  How on earth could they expect to just suddenly show up TODAY!?  INSANE!  Jerry told them that it was IMPOSSIBLE and to just show up in April as scheduled.

I now have 3 lunch dates with friends when I get to Oklahoma City.  Actually, it's a coconut shrimp dinner date with Margaret.  I am not allowed to order coconut shrimp when I go with Jerry because he says they are way too expensive.  I fear the man will fall off the booth in a dead faint if the bill comes and is over $50.  He doesn't like it, and he lets me know it!  The way I feel about that is this:  The last vacation Jerry and I took was on our 25th Wedding Anniversary when we went on a cruise.  We are up to our 37th Anniversary this year, so if my math is correct, that was 12 years ago.  We did take a couple of 3-day trips since then, but the farthest we went was to Branson, MO.  That was 5 years or more ago.  My point being, that vacations are expensive -- thousands of dollars -- and since we never go on one, I feel that my "vacation" is having an extravagant dinner out once in awhile.

I must tell you, however, in Jerry's defense, that if I give him the whole "we never take a vacation" explanation BEFORE going out to dinner, then he won't complain.  He may even let me have dessert!  Sometimes, I have to throw in the "You haven't had to pay for a haircut for either one of us in 37 years!" explanation if he doesn't buy the vacation one.

Okay.  Dinner with Margaret Friday night.  Then there is breakfast and fabric shopping with Phylly on Saturday morning.  She has to have special compensation from the Pope (as my Mother used to say) in order to get out of the house, but we think we can get it.  Next week I will get to spend time with Deanna and maybe Barbara, if she isn't decorating a mansion somewhere.  And one of my employees mentioned she wanted to get together, so maybe lunch with her.  And, of course, Phylly and I will meet for lunch every other day during the week before I go to Kingfisher.  However, I have been known to drive 45 minutes to meet her for lunch even from there.  So lonely down here, it is always so wonderful for me to get to spend times with friends up there.

Quilt update for my quilting readers.  I got about four more blocks quilted yesterday.  The white marks are chalk.  Here they are:

We went to the Grand Canyon every year when we lived in Arizona, and I don't remember this guy.  I remember a big dinosaur at some gas stations -- was it Sinclair?  Wonder if that is the one we drove off and left my little sister at.  Daddy and Mom insisted we had to go all the way back and get her.  Mom thought she would be all sad and crying and scared.  She was sitting on some guy's lap (it was different then, and that wasn't bad), and everyone at the gas station was entertaining her and giving her stuff.  She didn't even notice we had left her behind!

Has anyone ever actually RIDDEN this giant rabbit in Arizona?  I grew up there, and I sure never saw it.

I never saw these arrows either!

Jerry is home for lunch today, so we are heading down to AC Cafe for a hamburger without a bun -- my version of a diet. 

Hugs, Joy


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