Friday, April 13, 2012

Fired Handyman and Goose

WHAT a morning!  AS USUAL, Kirk was unavailable this morning.  Couldn't get him via text or his phone.  Can't tell you how many times that has happened with this guy.  He is ALWAYS late and ALWAYS has some lame excuse for not showing up.  I made arrangements with him last night to arrive at my MIL's house this morning to help him finish his job there.  I got up EARLY so I would be there in time.  He usually shows up at 9 -- IF he shows up at all -- so I was guessing 9 or 9:30.  I did not hear from him until 10:35 and he had not even left his house yet.  That was the last straw for me, so I fired him.  I have a very long history with this guy being this way, but because he does such excellent work, we kept putting up with him.  I told Jerry I would rather learn how to fix the stuff myself than put up with such a lousy work ethic.  Thank goodness, he got my shower done.

So then I had to call Phylly and cry on her shoulder.  We met at Panera Bread for a great lunch.  She always calms me down. 

After lunch I went to JC Penney's to return some jeans and to try again to find some that would fit me AFTER washing.  I can find lots of jeans that fit me BEFORE they are washed.  When I make pants out of denim, I wash it 3 times to get all the shrinkage out before I cut them out.  Some people wash the fabric more than that.  I did find a new style with sort-of blingy pockets and tons of stretch, so I bought about 6 pair in different shades of blue. 

I have needed new rugs in one of my bathrooms for years, so I decided to stroll through the bed and bath department.  I didn't know where the rugs were, so I noticed a clerk at the check out stand.  I said, "Where are the bath rugs?"  She said, "You need to go way to the other side of the store."  I started walking that way and jokingly said, "You want to make me walk, huh?"  Then she said, "WAIT, don't go that way!"  So I turned around and walked back toward her.  She said, "Did you say "bath"?"  I said, "Yes, bath rugs."  She motioned the opposite direction and said, "Walk around that wall and go that way."  Well I knew there weren't any bath rugs that way, but I walked that way anyhow while mumbling something about how crazy that would be for bath rugs to be outside the store.  I walked over to the wall and looked around the other side and, of course, nothing was there.  I told the clerk, "There aren't any rugs over there."  She finally figured out I meant "bath rugs" not "bathroom" and guess what?  I was already IN the bath rug department and that is where she worked.  Good gravy!

So I bought some bath rugs that aren't the right color, and I have to take them back.  That will give me another excuse to have lunch with Phylly next week.  As I was walking out of JC Penney's door with my bag of jeans and my other bag of bath rugs, guess who greeted me right outside the door?

THIS GUY -- Mr. Goose.  He almost walked inside the store when I opened the door.  Maybe he was dropping off some down or something.  I stood there and stared at him a few moments wondering where all his friends were when this lady walked up to me.  She said, "I am from Texas, and this never happens there."  She wanted to know if it happened a lot here.  Well, actually, you are liable to run into a goose just about anywhere in these parts, but usually there is more than just one, and you don't often see them shopping at JC Penney's.

I'm going to call him "Gary", and I will take some bread with me next time I go to JCP so I can feed the little guy.  Some other lady told me she has seen him there before.

So now, I am back at home.  This day is pretty much shot since I didn't go to Kingfisher as planned to help Kirk finish the house.  I now have to find someone else to do that.  Still, a minor nuisance when you consider what a lot of other people are going through.

I did manage to get my hair dyed this morning.  I always think I look so crazy with grey hair and black eyebrows. 

That's it for today.  I could write 10 pages on all the other stuff that happened this afternoon, but I will spare you.  Let's just say it's more of that wonderful service I've come to expect -- this time from AT&T Wireless.  I was on the phone for TWO whole hours and talked to three different people.  The last one -- Darnell -- called me Mrs. Boneheart.  I didn't even correct him.  He fixed the problem, so I don't care WHAT he calls me!

I think I'll have a contest someday and give away a prize for the person that can count all of my chins!

Hugs, Joy

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