Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Uptown Clown, Boo Bear and Hollie

Yes, that is what I am this morning.  My photography skills are sadly lacking, but I do know that you need a camera -- a tripod -- and good lighting.  When I take pictures, I always have shadows all over me because the lights in this house are all up on the ceiling.  It makes me look like I have 50 chins instead of only 25!  So I got this BRIGHT idea this morning.  My husband has two little lights on his desk that have turny shades on them.  I decided to aim them toward myself to see if I could could get a brighter picture.  And then I had to figure out how to build a tripod so I could take the picture.  So check it out.  Here's my super duper high tech photography studio!

I DO hope you are impressed!  The tripod, especially, is really nice with the phone book on top of the vacuum I haven't even taken out of the box yet!

And now you want to know what marvelous picture I took with that set-up, right???

Well, that is where the "clown" part comes in.  This nutty amoeba blouse that now has black trim -- thanks to Joy2 -- was in yesterday's post that disappeared.  Evidently, the bloggosphere blew up when it saw it!  I am going to try to post a pic of it again though so you can see it with the LOVELY floral shoes I found to go with it.  I won't be leaving the house in this, but I took a pic anyway.

Such loveliness! 

I received a phone call a few minutes ago from the Paralyzed Veterans of America asking for donations.  Their truck will be coming by my house on April 26th.  I have a feeling this blouse and the MATCHING shoes will be in the bag!

I went to the Bernina store and refinanced my house to buy a single hole stitch plate for my sewing machine.  That means I can now sew the slinky fabrics with ease.  I really like the way they FEEL on my skin.  You know my sensitive skin.  I can feel the tiniest nothing on my skin, and it feels like a brick.  This is true.  When we were first married, Jerry used to want to rest his hand on me while we were sleeping.  I guess he wanted to hold me down or something.  No!  He just wanted to hug me.  BUT, I could not sleep.  I felt like there was a heavy brick pressing down on me.  I had to finally tell him.  THANK GOD Jerry is not easily offended.  In fact, you can't hardly offend him no matter what you say or do, which is really great when you are married to my personality.  He just said, "You should have told me sooner."  His hand was probably getting tired anyway!

And WHAT ON EARTH does that have to do with going to Bernina to buy a part for your sewing machine????

I KNOOOOOOOOOOOW!  What is with my brain anyway?

Poor Margaret.  We went to dinner the other night, and she started talking about her brother writing a book and how he got the past all screwed up.  He even said he had a dog when he was growing up, and Margaret said the dog never existed. 

So, I got to telling her about my childhood and how it has gotten so distorted by my family.  They, of course, don't think so.  They have "their side of the story", and to them, it is nothing but the truth.  Well, I think I lived my own life -- maybe I didn't -- but I have my memories.  I would NEVER write a book because if by some MIRACLE, someone actually read it, my sisters would call Bill O'Reilly and tell him what a horrible person I am and how I wrecked the entire family.  My brother would say a prayer and tell God how NEGATIVE I am!  Oh, the stories I could tell.

Anyway, I decided Margaret would never know my sisters or my brother, so I could tell her MY version of my life story.  There we were -- at the Longhorn Restaurant with Jerrod waiting on us -- eating our fabulous steaks and lobster-covered baked potato -- YUM!!! -- and I started my long story.  Margaret listened intently as she always does, and I just kept on going.  I didn't think about it until I was lying in bed at 11 PM that night, but I thought, "OMG!, What if the whole restaurant could hear me?!"  Jerrod did come by once and tell me that he would have been there sooner, but my story sounded so serious, he didn't want to interrupt me.  He probably left to call 911 and have me committed!

Since my last post disappeared into thin air, I will show you again the picture of our storm cellar.  I haven't seen it, but Jerry sent me a picture.  Isn't it nice?  We always said we would never need one, but with tornadoes happening a dozen at a time all over the US, we thought maybe it was time.  It is over there behind the trees.  That is one or both of our cats you see next to it.

I put a picture of my grandson, Boo Bear, in yesterday's post, so I will put it here again.  I call him Sgt. Boo Bear.  He always says, "I'm not a Sergeant, Grandma."  I tell him I will call him General Boo Bear then.  He will be home tomorrow for a few weeks as I posted a few days ago.  Here is a pic I snapped last time I saw him:

Isn't he WONDERFUL!?

We adore this child!  He practically lived with us from birth until he was 3 years old.  He makes wise choices and is very respectful of his elders and his peers.  He makes friends very easily.

Check out the girl he is getting ready to marry:

Her name is Hollie, and she is BEAUTIFUL!  Not only is she beautiful, she is as darling as he is.  High grades in school, helps other people and children in some capacity (don't remember what agency), loves everybody she meets.  Last I heard, she wants to be a Physical Therapist. 

They will marry next weekend -- I think -- and she has to finish High School.  John (Boo Bear) will fly from here to ALASKA leaving her behind to finish school.  Then she will fly by herself to join him in Alaska.  She will go to college there.  Her Dad was in the Army, so she is very familiar with the "drill". 
John says they still want to come to our house for a weekend, so we are very excited about that.  We will have a celebration -- IF they ever come out of the bedroom.  

Seriously!  How many new brides say, "Darling, let's go visit your grandparents and go fishing on our honeymoon."

I've gotta go.  Need to get ready to go to Jerry's Mom's house in Kingfisher tonight.  The carpet guy, Alfredo, will be there at 8 AM.  He speaks very little English, but his wife speaks it pretty well.  Hope she comes with him!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Congratulations to a very handsome General Boo Bear and his fair maiden! She is beautiful! You must post wedding photos. Glenda

  2. You will love the single hole stitch plate! It gives you some much more control over the fabric, especially for slippery or thin stuff. I also use the #9 jeans foot a lot-it covers a lot of the feed dogs and you can see where the needle is going into the fabric, since it is open on the front.
    I enjoy reading your blog every day. I've been quilting for several years, but now I'm wanting to get back into sewing clothes. I probably have several more fitting issues now than when I made clothes before, 40 or so years ago, so I'm learning a lot from you and Phylly!

  3. Well, great! I love it when I can help someone. Growing up, I dreamt of being a teacher. I try to help my daughters, but they know everything and have since 17. It is some kind of world wonder, I'm sure!

    Hugs, Joy


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