Monday, May 21, 2012

Carbonite Warning and Red Lipstick

Well, sure 'nuf, Mr. Fix-It spent all day after church yesterday "fixing" my computer.  In the past when he has reloaded the operating system, he has saved all my pictures and videos and files on a separate disc or book.  Yesterday, he decided to just wipe off everything in my computer because we use Carbonite Back-Up now, and he figured he would just get my things back from Carbonite.

I suppose it is true that you can get your stuff back from Carbonite, but would you like to guess how long it takes to get my stuff back from Carbonite????????

ONLY 23 days!!!!

 NO, not hours -- days.

Evidently, video files and picture files take up the entire Carbonite system.  I don't know how any other people on the face of the earth can put their stuff there too.  Good grief,  I could take all the pictures and videos over in 23 days!

And guess what else?  Now that my computer is empty, Carbonite can't back up what used to be there, and if I don't RESTORE my entire computer contents in 30 days, it gets deleted forever.  Isn't that nice?  And I really don't know HOW the Carbonite customer service is.  You know why?  Because there ISN'T ANY!!!

Now, the good news is, my computer is really fast now, but ANY computer would be fast with only 4 pictures on it and NO videos and only two programs.

If Jerry hadn't just recovered from the Bubonic Plague, I would probably STRANGLE HIM!  He went to the store and told me I needed to figure it out, but on his way down the stairs, he turned around, came back up and gave me a sweet kiss.  That man KNOWS I can't resist his kisses, and he ALWAYS does that!

OHHHHHHHHHHHH, you won't believe what else he did today.  I think the 103 fever really has affected his mind -- no kidding.  He can suddenly smell things.  He has never been able to smell anything, whereas I can smell everything.  He keeps complaining that the dehumidifier behind the plastic wall in the dining room smells awful, and I can't smell it at all.  How WEIRD is that -- pretty weird -- but here is the VERY weirdest thing of all.

Have you all EVER seen me in person or in a picture WITHOUT my lipstick on?  No, you haven't.  That is because I wear this lipstick that you paint on in the morning and you have to chissel it off the next morning to remove it.  It is called Cover Girl Outlast.  Anyway, I showered and dressed about 10 AM this morning after I was sure the demolition crew wasn't showing up.  I put on my black yoga pants and an ancient red tee shirt.  Since my tee shirt is red today, I decided to get out the old kind of lipstick because I have it in red.  So I put on red lipstick.  No big deal. 

I walk into Jerry's office where he is working at his computer -- just like old times when he isn't sick -- HOORAY! -- and I walk around in front of his computer monitor -- because that is the only way he will notice I am in there.  I don't wear perfume, so he wouldn't be able to suddenly SMELL me. 

I ask him if I can go upstairs and use my computer.  He looks at me and stares at me, and he says, "Wow!, you really look good today." 

My immediate response is he must have FRIED my computer, and he doesn't want me to kill him.

He says it again.  "You look so pretty today."  "You have lipstick on, and I like that outfit."

I give him one of these looks:

and I say, "Jerry, I wear lipstick EVERY DAY!  WHERE ON EARTH have you been?!"  "And this tee shirt is AT LEAST 10 years old!"

He just tells me again I look really nice today.

I KNEW you would all want to know what I did to look so amazing today, so I ran upstairs and got my camera and took a picture for you.  I think you will agree that the 103 temp my husband had for so long has somehow affected his mind.

I suppose it would be wrong to commit him though, because after all, how can I complain that the man gave me a compliment!?

I may have to wear bright red lipstick from now on. 

You might want to try some yourself, lol.

I better get off this computer.  Carbonite is downloading JUST the My Documents folder from my computer, and it will take TWO DAYS just for that.  Plus, the Mold Man was supposed to email me the results of our mold evaluation last Thursday -- remember the mold scientist? --  and he called a few hours ago to tell me he was emailing it today, Monday.  He didn't.  I called him back.  He said he would.  I won't hold my breath -- although maybe I should if there is so much mold here!

Hugs, Joy

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  1. Woo Hoo! I don't know what the doctor gave Jerry, but I'd sure like some for Roger!

    Twenty-three days to restore everything on one computer? They sure don't tell you that on the commercials! Can you imagine what it would take to restore the whole computer system if it crashed? They make it sound like you are up and running in a couple hours.

    Hug, Phylly


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