Thursday, May 10, 2012

Water Horror and SFD Flounce Blouse #2

That's a strange title, but it fits my day perfectly!

Last night when I went downstairs at 10 PM to go to bed, I walked across the dining room carpet to check the front door to be sure it was locked.  When I stepped on the carpet with my bare foot, my foot squished and got all wet.  I thought I MUST be imagining things.  Unfortunately, I wasn't.  The pad underneath the carpet was very wet, and the more I walked around, the more water came to the top.  I went in and got Jerry out of bed to come investigate.  It is absolutely SHOCKING what can be going on in a home right under your nose, and you have no idea. 

Not only was the carpet soaked, the stained oak baseboards were soaked in several places, the sheetrock in the wall was white, wet and soggy.  Didn't make any sense because there is not a drop of water anywhere in that room.  Finally, I thought to go around to the other side of the wall.  Yep!  That was it.  Look at what I found behind the refrigerator:

It is the water filter that filters the ice and water.  We have been using it for over 12 years.  We still don't know what could have happened to it, but it had been leaking for days.  There not one drop of water there on the kitchen floor.  All of the water had gone into the walls, baseboards, carpet and cabinetry. 

It is unbelievable what damage just plain old water can do!

Here is a picture of the other side of that cabinet in the above picture:

This cabinet holds large drawers that I put my pots and pans in.

Here is the bottom of the drawer that we removed from it:

On the other side of the wall -- in the formal dining room where I first stepped in the water -- there is damage all along the baseboard and in the wall.

Here is a picture of the baseboard:

The damage goes all the way across the room behind that hutch and over to the outside wall.  Jerry and I were up until Midnight sucking up water out of the carpet.  We didn't think to look in the kitchen cabinet until this morning. 

So, of course, we called our insurance agent and filed a claim.  She told me I would get a call from an Adjuster in a couple of hours.  I stayed home all day long waiting for the call, but it never came.  Sure hope it comes tomorrow -- she said 24 hours at the most.  I decided to go back to work on the red/black slinky fabric Sure-fit Designs Flounce Blouse.  I worked all day on it, and I was really excited to get it all done but the buttons. 

Here is what it looks like:


 Somehow, I got it a bit low cut in the front.  Seems like I pick something new to screw up every time I attempt a new pattern.

I was really liking this blouse until I noticed not one -- not two -- but SEVERAL of these flaws in it.  I noticed some of this in the seamlines, but I thought it was my needle doing it.  I replaced the needle, and it seemed to stop.  This has nothing to do with a needle though.  If it just there.  There is one in the armhole area too.  I am so upset!  I paid a lot for this fabric -- and not only that -- I paid for it twice because the first one ended up in the trash.

I am going to email this picture to Helen Enox to see if they will send me some more of the fabric, but they may not be able to if the flaws repeat throughout the fabric.  WHAT A PAIN!!!

But I will never quit -- no matter what -- ever!  When stuff like this happens, I consider it a lesson learned.  I may try to color it with a red marker.  Don't know.  I know one thing for sure:  I could make this sucker in the dark next time!!!

Better go.  Jerry has a movie waiting.  We are still worn out from our water-vacathon last night.  I think I have a new muscle in my back today.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. Oh dear, oh dear. I am so sorry to read about your woes - the water damage and your lovely fabric. I know how you feel on both counts, unfortunately. I'm sending you a big hug from across the Pond.

    Your blog, with all of its truths, wisdom, goodness, generosity, triumphs and laughs, is something that I savour. You have a real gift of communication. Keep on keeping on, Joy.

    Love to you (and Phylly!)
    Manchester, UK


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