Thursday, June 7, 2012

Giving Thanks and The Dress Form Video

Thursday already, and I'm sure the texture man is getting up extra early this morning so he can RUSH to my house and texture my wall.

I was up here in my sewing room yesterday, and I remembered that this is a fairly new room, and I wondered who did the texture up here.  I looked at the walls, and I thought to myself, "That texture looks EXACTLY the same as the rest of the house", so there must be a painter wandering around down here in the woods SOMEWHERE who can do this texture like Terry (the guy who did the rest of the house 13 years ago).

When Jerry got home last night, I told him about my amazing discovery.  Jerry looked at me as if to say, "Did you forget your hormones AGAIN!?" -- and then he reminded me that the texture up here was done one of the several weeks I blew up and left during the construction of this room.  Jerry somehow remembered Terry and told Curtis -- the builder we used then -- about him.  So it was the same guy -- Terry -- who did the texture up here.  Being a huge room, I guess he was able to find the time to get here for the job.

Just got a call saying someone is supposed to be here at 9.  Now, WHY do I think it necessary to DASH downstairs, jump in the shower, and get dressed.  You know WHY????  Because IF I DON'T, someone really WILL show up!  Murphy's law and all.  More later.................

It is later now, and I am back.  When I was taking my shower, I remembered I had bought a new bottle of Vaseline Lotion and went to find it.  It had SOMETHING hanging in a cardboard carrier around its neck.  I didn't notice what it was at the store.  I DID notice, however, that most of them had been stolen, so I had to pull a bottle out of the back that still had one.  I opened the little cardboard carrier to see what was inside, and looooooooooooooooooooook:

Is that the cutest thing you ever saw!?  I LOVE stuff like this -- tiny things you can stick in your make-up bag inside your purse.  If I had KNOWN that this is what was hanging on the bottle, I would have bought every one they had.  One for my nightstand at each house -- one for my purse -- one for each car -- and so on.  I'm like that.  I have a total of 7 bathrooms (2 houses) and each one of them has all the cleaning supplies needed under the sink.  No toten that stuff around.  Besides, it lasts FOREVER that way.

And, oh, yes -- almost forgot -- the new dress form video is FINALLY ready at You Tube.  It is the latest ordeal with Fabulous Fit, and fortunately, this one turned out okay.  Only useful if you plan on ever buying a dress form, so you may not care, but if you want to see me bending over a lot and yanking Lucy's new jumpsuit on, then here is the link:

Now, it is later than the earlier later and GUESS WHAT???????????

Terry, the texture guy showed up at 11:15.  He is as sweet as a teddy bear -- a very DIRTY teddy bear, but -- and I can't imagine that he wouldn't have shown up earlier if he could have.  We should have the carpet back down early next week, and then on to the more dramatic kitchen project.

 Hugs, Joy

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