Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Notes and Sway Stomach Correction

It is Sunday, and I am missing my husband today.  I always think I won't miss him because he is always working when we are together, and I don't see him that much anyway.  And when we are together, it is usually in front of a tv screen.

I decided to watch our preacher, Duane Sheriff, today.  I have heard the sermon he preached today before, but it was a great reminder.  It was about the FEAR of God and what that actually means.

Very simple really.  It means to honor and respect God -- not shiver and shake in dread that he is going to "burn your barley fields" (Duane's saying) or make your kids sick to teach you something.

I was talking with my friend, Pam, about this very subject recently.  I was raised both ways, as I was raised in one denomination as a child, another as a teenager, and a third as an adult.  The denomination I grew up in -- like the one Duane grew up in -- taught that you were going to go to Hell every time you did the least little thing wrong.  And EVERYTHING was a sin.  I have probably been to the altar trying to get my sins forgiven more than anyone!  I used to wonder if it was EVER going to "take". 

Later in life, I learned from much wiser teachers/preachers about how to FEAR God properly.  I am comfortable in my belief that God loves me no matter how much I screw up as long as in my heart, I truly want to please him and do his will.  And I do.

Yesterday, Phylly came over, and we played in the sewing room all day.  I don't think I accomplished ANYTHING, but Phylly did.  She has FINALLY gotten her pants pattern trimmed down so you can actually see her body is inside the pants she makes.  The pair she had on looked fabulous on her, and the pair she made while she was here, will look great too.  I don't have any pictures, but she is suppose to send me some. 

Don't hold your breath!

She is making them with her Sure-fit Designs blueprint for pants, but she has had to revise it quite a bit.  Maybe she just started over.  Remember, she has lost 30 pounds.

As for me.  I am making a top I have made three times  before.  I decided that I needed to make it bigger for some reason, so I added 1/2" to each side seam FORGETTING that I was really adding 2 inches by doing that.  It was way too big!  1/8" would have been plenty.

It is an empire design sleeveless top, and I thought I was such a super-genious to think to make TWO pattern pieces for the bottom -- where only one had been provided -- so I could do the sway back correction on the back piece.  I suppose that would have worked out really well if I had REMEMBERED I had done that.  When I got the blouse all sewn together, the front was short and the back was long, and it looked all crazy.  I didn't figure it out until I turned it inside out to press the empire waist seam and I saw the giant red washable marker letters saying "BACK" and "FRONT" which by then were each in the opposite place they were supposed to be in.  So my new blouse now has a SWAY STOMACH correction!

I had to put the blouse on and Phylly had to hold up a giant metal measuring stick while I twirled around and around so she could measure up from the floor to the hem on this blouse. 

Since the "sway back" was in the front, that meant the back was longer than the front.  Usually, the back is shorter than the front.

After Phylly pinned up the hem on my blouse, I took it off -- put it on my cutting table and trimmed it so the hem amount remaining was even all the way around the actual blouse.

Here is a picture of the strip I cut off.  The wider part came off the back, thereby, putting the "sway back" correction back in.  Clear as mud, I'm sure.

I'm on Jerry's computer, and he doesn't have any photo-fixer software, so pardon sloppy pics.  I've decided I'm bored and want to go out to dinner.  Hopefully, I can get Margaret to feel sorry for me and come with me.

The air conditioning in here sure is NICE!  The new unit was put in all day Friday.  So glad that and the termite issue are over with.  Now, I wait until Tuesday to go back to Kingfisher -- Jerry's Mom's house -- where the Power Lift people are to show up and RE-lift one side of the house.  Another fun day, for sure!  

Hugs, Joy  



  2. Absolutely! I had already serged the seam off and top stitched it or that is what I would have done. And I think I had already cut the bottom off before I realized what happened.

  3. Great explanation of Fear of The Lord~ How well would our country would be today if there were more people that had an honest fear of the Lord~
    I fear that there are not many that have this in their hearts today,yet I continue to pray that more turn to Him in these very turbulent times
    What a cute blouse! I understand what you were doing , it was pretty clear ( and I am not as advanced in sewing as you are!) Also want to congratulate Phyllis on losing 30 lbs! I would think it might be best to start all over w/ Sure Fit bc the body can change a LOT when you lose that much weight ( but I would ask Glenda about that to be sure) Glad to hear you both got together to have fun and play w/ fabric and patterns! Bet there was a lot of laughing going on there too! For some odd reason I am very psyched up to quilt, Got some new books and fabric , very soon I will be able to spend some time with that~ God Bless,,,


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