Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Notes, Apology to Trish and Great Gadget!

Rev. Hagee began his Blessing series today.  He talked about the vast importance of blessing your children.  I have known about that for years because it is in the Bible, and I have heard it preached many times.  I hear parents saying the most awful things to their children.  One thing almost all say is "he/she is spoiled rotten".  Does anyone have a clue what the meaning of those words is they are speaking over their children?  Of course, they mean they are very loved, but if that is the case, then that is what they should say.  I quit saying it years ago when my Mother explained to me what I was really saying.  I never said it about my kids, but I used to say it about my sister all the time.  He gave all of us a blessing after the service which included families getting back together.  I sure am holding on to that one.  Then Jerry and I joined them in communion.

Some kind of Christian comedian is going to be there tonight, so I want to watch that online.  They are usually really funny or really unfunny.  Have you ever heard that real pretty lady comedian that calls her husband "left brain"?  She is so funny! 

I feel so horrible!  You won't believe what I've done now.  Well, maybe you will.  Some poor lady named Trish left a comment on my sewing room Youtube video.  She informed me that I had wasted ten minutes of her life with my blabbering on about my business and my friends, and she will never be able to get them back! 

I have made that video "private" so I won't waste 10 precious minutes of anyone else's life as important as Trish.  She is right, of course.  I did talk a blue streak, but that is just me.  I feel dumb just moving a camera around a room and not saying something.  I beg you to forgive me if I have wasted any of your time.  From now on, I need to put the following disclaimer on my videos:
So other than that smack in the face, I have had a really nice day.  I figured out a new way to place my quilt top so it isn't like wrestling a grizzly bear in my lap and over my shoulder.  Remember that black table I paid $1,000 for at a quilt show?  (I just remembered I talked about it on that sewing room video.)  Turns out it works really well for this:

I also used an amazing new little gadget that is the MOST AMAZING little notion of them all!  I love, love, love them!  They hold very well, and they don't make your fingers bleed!

The little clip is totally flat on the bottom, so it doesn't get in your way at all on the table.

See the little clips all around the quilt?  This is the condition it is in right now.  I will finish applying the binding to the backside tomorrow. 

Jerry doesn't like the red binding.  TOO BAD!  It isn't coming off.  I'll paint it with a black marker if he hates it too much.  This quilt was suppose to have a red border BEFORE the black border, but it was just too big.  I would not have been able to hang it on any of my "quilts allowed here" walls if it was even one inch longer.  He is probably right.  I tried black and red, and the red just looked more exciting to me, and it stopped the road. 

Gotta get up and do some exercises and do something that doesn't require sitting in a chair.  Tomorrow, I get to go to the Skin Clinic with Jerry.  He is getting the stitches out of his nose, and I am getting strange dots burned off of my body.  Look like freckles to me, but they are dark. 

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.  My Boo Bear (grandson, John) turns 20 on July 4th!  Does he have any idea how that ages me!

Hugs, Joy


  1. He doesn't, but I do! The same way I age when I realize my oldest grandchild is 10 1/2. How did that happen?

    Goodness, I didn't know they made computers that didn't have off switches. Trish honey, there is a pause button on Youtube: two vertical lines in a circle. You click your mouse on it and then move your mouse up to the "x" in a circle and click on it, and Joy won't waste any more of your time. Its really very simple. I do it to Youtube all the time. The idea is the same thing as a TV show you don't like, or a book that is boring. You are in control. Master the technique.

    Oh, was that tacky? Sorry, I've just been a bit angry and impatient with stupidity ever since the Supreme Court acted with great stupidity the other day. I should also add treason. I just can't quite get over it. Oops, I bet I offended someone. Oh well; I lost the remainder of my political correctness that day, too.

    I better get back to hemming my blouse. Then just the buttons and buttonholes and it will be finished.

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Why are you letting someone named "Trish" bother you? She chose your video out of all of the videos on YouTube to watch. Be flattered. Let her get a life and make her own videos so we can be entertained.

    My rant for the day!


  3. Definitely don't let Trish bother you. She didn't have to watch it. She chose to watch it. I agree with Carol (see above).

    Marilyn D.

  4. May I just say this...I have watched many of your YouTube videos. NEVER, did I feel my time was wasted! I laughed with you, I enjoyed your sharing your stories and I LEARNED a bunch. Too bad YOU don't have an "Ignore" button for inappropriate comments.


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