Thursday, July 5, 2012

Phylly's New Blouses and Lunch with Heath

Arrived at our other house yesterday afternoon to find the air conditioner frozen up and 86 degrees inside the house!  Thank goodness we came, or the compressor would be burned up by now.  I had JUST opened the mailbox and taken out a handful of junkmail which included a large advertisement from some heat & air company.  It included a $25 off coupon, so I gave them a call.  I expected them to be closed on July 4th, but they weren't.  A really nice man arrived in about an hour.

$650 later, our air conditioner was cooling again, BUT the really nice man said that all the freon could leak out before the night was over OR it could last a week OR it could last a year.  When it does all leak out again, it will freeze and the compressor could burn out.  NOW, we are afraid to leave.  Owning a home requires constant maintenance!

I worked a little on the new green blouse I cut out a few days ago.  I don't know about ruffles/flounces.  This flounce is gathered, so it is both. 

I seem to always look like I stole an outfit off a clown when I wear ruffles. 

I'll see if I can make it work as some kind of top tomorrow.

The FUN part of today was meeting Phylly for lunch.  Do you remember Heath from Olive Garden?  It is in one of my posts.  He is a VERY handsome, friendly waiter who falls all over himself to be nice to me.  I don't know why.  Well, maybe it has something to do with the $20 tip I gave him one time, but maybe not.  After all, he impressed me the first time or I wouldn't have tipped him so much. 

I was to meet Phylly at noon at the Olive Garden.  I always get there first, so I go in and get a table.  There is a hostess named Anna who works there.  She told me her age once, but I can't remember it.  Seems like she said she was 79.  She LOOKS 79, but a very slim, trim, pretty 79.  She runs around like a young girl.  She always remembers me.  She hugged me and told the two young girls working at the entrance that she knew me from way back.  I asked Anna if Heath was working today.  She said she didn't know if he was in yet.  I told her I really liked Heath and wanted him to wait on me.

Anna must have bad hearing because her response was, "Did you ask me if I was sleeping with him?"

I said, "No, but I wouldn't blame you!"

She and the two young girls cracked up laughing.  Between the three of them, they decided Heath was working and they found a table for me in his area.  One of them took me to my table, and I sat down to wait for Phylly.  In a minute, Heath noticed me.  I didn't expect him to recognize me at all!  He has only seen me TWO TIMES in his whole life, and those two times were many months apart.  He walked right over to me and put his arms around my shoulders and hugged me.  This guy is really good!  I don't know if the hostess had mentioned that I asked for him, or if he really did remember me.  He said he did, and he said he remembered Phylly too. 

So while I'm waiting for Phylly -- and before I even look at a menu -- Heath has brought me warm breadsticks and a salad.  He also brought me some awesome nonalcoholic summery drink that Phylly decided to have too.  Phylly arrived and she looked SOOO PRETTY.  She was wearing two brand new tops she just finished making.  I, of course, snapped her picture, but I'm afraid I didn't do a very good job. 

You will recall my cell phone is at the bottom of the pond, so I am learning how to use a new one.  It has a much better camera, but it seems to pause for several seconds before it shoots.  Philly's pink shirt is gorgeous and fits her perfectly.  She made it from a Vogue pattern.  It has princess seams in the front and the back, long sleeves with cuffs and a yoke.  The navy top underneath is sleeveless and is a slinky knit fabric.  Sorry I don't have a clearer picture.  If we hadn't been at a restaurant, I would have had her stand up and pose for me.

I mentioned a few posts back that I am taking my 2nd jewelry-making online course.  After lunch, I drove over to Hobby Lobby to look into jewelry-making paraphernalia.  Good heavens!!!!  I never saw so much stuff I didn't recognize in my life.  A real nice lady customer was standing there in the aisle, so I asked her if she knew where the beading wire was.  She picked up immediately that I was clueless, so she tried to help me.  She gave me the name of a website and a tv station to watch.  I bought all the things I could recall the instructor mentioning but only a few strings of colored beads.  I got five pair of pliers, but I am taking one pair back.  I need to get a different kind.  I couldn't believe it when the cashier told me I owed her $150!  Sure hope I am good at making jewelry.  The pretty necklace and earrings Phylly has on were made for her by someone.  Can't remember who.

That's it for excitement today.  Time to watch TV in my jammies and wait for Margaret to send me some Scrabble words.  BTW, Margaret, I want to see how the new house is coming along while I'm here.

Hugs, Joy


  1. That Anna is a real kick! No wonder we get such good service, Heath is looking for another super duper tip!

    I'm glad you liked my two tops. I enjoyed wearing them!

    Lunch was lots of fun!

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. I am reading through your blog b/v I am learning somethings from you on your tutorials especially when it pertains to Sure Fit
    I have a small business designing and selling jewelry , mostly for bridal parties
    I started out 18 yrs ago, with classes and learned from the best here
    Now it comes very easy to me,
    I can give you the names of some mail order resources that keep my cost down A LOT ( if you use silver, it is lower, same for 14K gold or gold filled" findings" as we call them) In the beginning I made smaller orders but of course built up. It is my "thing" in my family that everyone knows they will get gift from me, and it normally earrings and bracelets or a necklace. If you PM me I can give you the name of places that I use, and you do not need a tax exempt number to use them
    Even better if you are working w/ a friend to go in together
    I always have something on hand to make last minute earrings ( 10 min of time if simple) and I always can make a quick gift when ladies at our church have birthdays etc
    I do recommend getting good tools,,,it made all the difference in the world, I had very solid loops etc
    ALSO, take a look at a jig ( wigjigs they call them) where you can do one piece over the other of your metal and have them come out perfect
    Using this helped me a lot! Their website offers a lot of FREE help and tutorials, I read all I could when I started out.
    That site helped me a lot
    I can look up the name of my tools they are made in Germany and they are very precise which helps a lot. That alone eliminates the homemade look completly
    I wish I could show you some of my finished pieces that I keep for myself
    I did not start out seeking to sell jewelry,it was a fun pastime to me
    The designing part really takes the most time ( but it is FUN FUN FUN!)
    About a year after I started I started to get requests, so I started to sell
    I am happy to see another seamstress that does yet another " hobby" that I have! Again, if you PM me ( my name goes directly to my personal email account) I can give you more information on keeping costs down
    ( a lot down!) Minimum orders can be as low as 2-6 of the pieces you will be needing to create even a simple design
    You did not ask for advice so if I am stepping on toes here , please forgive me and delete this if you are not interested ok?? Just wanting to help another keep the costs down while giving the exact same product
    ( Sterling silver, gold etc, HAS to be marked as such so it is the real deal
    Either way, I do hope you have fun!
    God Bless you... and I keep praying that God Blesses America!I know He hears my prayers

    1. Dear PA,

      I tried to email you using your name above, but it takes me to a website. Sorry. I have no idea how to "pm" you. I am VERY interested in the jewelry information, so please help me figure out how to email you.
      Hugs, Joy

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