Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chico, Nacho and Earring Class

Here I am at my laptop in Kingfisher after an hour or more on the phone with the internet company who supposedly supplies me with HIGH SPEED wireless internet service here. 

Their name is "Pioneer Telephone", and I think it is because their service is set up in a covered wagon in the middle of the Mohave Desert somewhere.  When I type, I hit the keys and spell the words, but when I look up on the page, nothing is there.  Oh, WAIT!  There they are now -- 30 seconds after I type them.  Pioneer, of course, says it is my computer.  AARRGGHH!!!

If I'm not able to show you pictures of the jewelry I invent today, we'll blame it on Pioneer.  When I checked my upload speed, it was 116.  116 what, I don't know, but somehow that doesn't seem like a very big number.

I am watering the wasteland formerly known as Mom's beautiful award-winning lawn while I wait for Alfredo to show up.  You remember him, don't you.  The carpet/flooring guy who doesn't speak English.  Part of the floor in the bathroom has crawled out from under the baseboard and formed itself into a little hill.  Alfredo is the only carpet guy within a hundred miles, I think, and he is always too busy to come fix this.  However, his wife, Martha, who speaks fair English, says he MIGHT be able to come late this afternoon.  So, I am staying here until Alfredo MIGHT show up.

After talking to Martha, I called the realtor, Kay.  I told her we were going to put her sign in the garage until we get a new air conditioner and the most recent wall cracks repaired.  I asked her if she knew any painters in this area besides the drunk, Kirk, that I used before.  She told me she only knew two painters:  Chico and Nacho.  I thought she was pulling my leg -- but she wasn't.  I really am going to have to learn Spanish!

I have my jewelry totes, so I am going to play with that for awhile as I am watching the class video over for the 4th time.

I figure if I watch it enough, the information will form a place in my brain where I can always refer back to it.  At 62, one can only hope!

Between that last sentence and this one, about six hours have gone by.  I spent at least three of them trying to get a picture of my jewelry to show you from PhotoShop 9.  PS is the biggest PITA sometimes.  It always freezes and shuts down and tries my last shred of patience!  SOOOO, you better get really excited over this picture of the earrings I made today.  The lesson was to make the long style of earring, which I did.  When I put them on, however, I decided they were too long for my short neck.  I took off the top bead, and I made them shorter, and now they fit my head better.  PLEASE remember I am a beginner at this skill.  I can only get better -- thank goodness!
I had to take 24 inches of very thin wire and wrap it 14 times around a mandrell -- a round thing -- and then I had to make wraps and loops.  My wire broke before I got enough wraps on one side.  I decided that if I don't get caught up in a tornado while wearing these, that they will probably hold okay in spite of that.

I have to get busy packing up my things in case Alfredo actually shows up, and I can go home tonight.

Otherwise, I will go home in the morning.  I have been watering all day long, and every bird from miles around is bathing in the water puddles.  I wouldn't mind that except that they like to sit on top of the mirrors on my car to relieve themselves.  Jerry just called and told me it is 113 outside today, so I won't even bother chasing them away.  The poor things probably think they are being cooked for someone's dinner!

Gotta go. 

Hugs, Joy

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