Monday, September 3, 2012

It Is VERY Expensive To Look This Cheap!!!

Phylly came over today and we had the nicest time.  We each were working on a dress.  Hers was the Couture Vogue Dress and mine was the 2nd version of New Look 6080.  The 2nd version of mine is better, but not great.  I'm remembering why I NEVER make dresses.  A one-piece garment greatly emphasizes my crookedness.  When I wear a blouse that covers my waist, it is much easier to disquise the high hip/low hip and high shoulder/low shoulder.  The dress isn't finished, so I can't post pics until tomorrow, and I wouldn't hold my breath on that if I were you! 

After Phylly and I sewed for a few hours, we decided to go to lunch at Louie's.  Louie's is in a shopping strip with some fancy-pants stores in it that I NEVER go into.  If you don't have the body of Twiggy, you aren't going to look good in the clothes they sell, and if you don't have the bank account of Rockefeller, you aren't going to be able to afford them!

We had to park a bit down from Louie's, so we walked up right in front of a shop window of the store next door to Louie's. 

Phylly and I looked at the garment on the mannikin in the window -- then we looked at each other -- then we looked again.  I shreaked, "OMG, that is a TOTAL RAG.  Phylly said, "Yeah, a DUST rag!"   I told Phylly I had to know how much they were charging for that -- OR find out if it was just a gag or something so I could post it in my blog tonight.  I KNEW you would never believe what I am about to tell you, so I had Phylly take her new Iphone out so I could take pictures for you.  (I had accidentally left mine at home -- probably secretly hoping that would keep Countrywood from finding me.)

Look at it!  The armhole is just a raw edge.  The fabric is very thin.  The letters are on the INSIDE of the shirt but show through because the fabric is so thin.  There are holes all over it that appear to have been poked in it with a hole punch. 

I asked Phylly to go in the store and try it on so I could take her picture.  She said, "NO WAY, my apex would go right through one of those holes!" 

We decided to go to Louie's and eat our lunch.  Phylly was probably praying that I would FORGET about the dust rag in the window and not MAKE her go in the store so I could find the price tag.  Too bad.  It didn't work.

After lunch -- which was WONDERFUL -- we walked inside the store.  There was a very pretty young girl with long blond hair pulled back in a low pony tail behind the counter that appeared to weigh no more than 75 pounds all wet.  She was wearing a lovely rag style herself over a bandeau (not sure that is the right name -- but like in the picture).  I said hello to her and announced that we were old ladies shocked by the style in the window, and I would like to see it.  She was very nice and said she understood because her Mom felt the same way, and she couldn't wear the style at all if Dad was around.

She led us to the shirts, and we decided to have Phylly hold one up so I could take a pic.  I believe Phylly's apex does hit one of those holes just right, lol!  Notice the $48 price tag.  The shirt looks like it is inside out, but it isn't.  CAN YOU BELIEVE there is a theft tag on this rag???

I told the cute little girl that I could not BELIEVE the price of these torn up shirts.  Her response was:

"It is VERY expensive to look this cheap!"

I walked around the store to see if there was anything at all that I would be remotely interested in.  Ah, yes, some really pretty sandles with jewels all over them.  I picked up a pair of flip flops and noticed they were $185.00.  Decided I probably should stick with my Croc collection.  They had a bookrack with a lot of books I had never seen before including one from or about Lady Gaga!  Things were beginning to make sense now.  The crap in this store looked exactly like something she would wear.

They had the shortest shorts I have ever seen.  They were denim, but not just one denim.  Someone decided to rip off one half of a pair of black denim shorts and attach them to the torn off half from a blue pair of denim shorts.  Then they raveled the hems so threads were hanging all around about an inch or more long -- all straggly and uneven.  The inseam was about 1/2"!  I asked the cute clerk if anyone buys them.  She said she HAS a pair and loves them!

Phylly wandered off and found another dust rag rack.  I took a picture of it too.  Now this is a much more HIGH END dust rag.  It was $77.00.  You have to pay MORE for slashes than you do for holes you know!

Notice how THIN the fabric is.  You can see Phylly's hand through it, and not just where the slashes are.

Look at the cuts into the neck band. 

The makers of these garments must absolutely laugh their heads off the whole way to the bank that people actually PAY for this stuff.

Phylly and I are thinking of taking all our wadders -- punching holes in them or slashing slits in them with a butcher knife -- then throwing them in the yard and driving over them a few times with Jerry's bulldozer -- then marking them $100 a piece and putting them on Etsy or Ebay.  Jerry has a bunch of well-worn undershirts we could use for fabric.

AND, it is a good thing that we both know how to make jewelry because you are supposed to wear a gorgeous beaded necklace with these styles.

I JUST got a call from Aunt Betty Jane.  She said she went to see Leanida again tonight and she is SO MUCH BETTER.  She said she was happy and talking and walking.  How is it she can't take a single step one day, and the next day she can walk? 

A new resident has moved in that is just there for physical therapy after having one leg amputated.  She sits at Mom's table and talks to her, and Mom does so well that way.  BJ said that they went into her room, and BJ commented that the window is covered with a blanket.  Mom ripped the blinds to shreds the other night, remember?  BJ mentioned how bad the blinds looked and Mom said, "I did that!"  Guess she is proud of it. 

That's it for today.  Think I'll go read something or watch some videos on my Ipad.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Well, Joy Joy, of course the one with slashes was $30.00 more; it had sleeves! Not that they or the rest of the shirt would cover much since it was so thin! I guarantee that fabric won't wear but a couple of times until there will be much bigger holes in the shirt, just from wear. This is fashion? Why would anyone want to be caught dead in it?

    I had a lot of fun today, as usual. I don't think that dress will ever be finished! They will have to stick in my coffin with it on top of me and a needle and thread in my hand.

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Love your blog!!!!! and thanks for the laugh today. I just started following you last week. God Bless


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