Monday, September 24, 2012

Marvelous Monday and No More Silhouette Patterns!

Helloooooooooooo just after lunch on Monday. 

I spent over an hour on the front porch this morning talking to my youngest sister, Judy.  That is the RAREST of RARE occasions, let me tell you.  Another family wound being healed. 

Actually, Judy and my daughter have been the longest-time best friends, and my daughter is not speaking to her right now.  I'm sure that is why Judy is calling me.  But whatever the reason, it is wonderful to talk with a sibling.

She has a cat named Mia who must be about 10 years old by now.  She was telling me how she had to be gone all weekend, and her cat got mad at her and used the carpet as a cat box.

She said Mia is SUPER-persnickity about her paws touching any type of excrement.  She said she has a towel that she puts under Mia's cat box.  Instead of using her paws to kick the litter over the yukkiness, she kicks the edges of the TOWEL up over the entire cat box!  I was cracking up laughing at her telling me cat stories about Mia.

I got bored yesterday afternoon, so I decided to talk to YOU via my camera video.  I spend so much time alone, that I usually talk to myself, but I wanted to talk to a real, live person instead.  Only problem with that is, you can't talk back to me. 

Here -- if you are interested -- is my 9-minute conversation WITH YOU.  I mentioned a few names in my monologue, but don't be offended if I didn't mention yours.  I was thinking of those who had sent me comments recently.

The Silhouette pattern and fabric is in the trash.  I HATE to waste money like that, but it just isn't worth the frustration.  Sewing should be enJOYable, and the patterns should be TESTED and PROOFREAD.  After all, we do have to PAY for them.  It's not like they were a gift.  Her patterns are $15 a piece too.  I usually don't pay over $1.99 for patterns -- and the $1.99 patterns have CORRECT line drawings and CORRECT, THOROUGH instructions.  What has happened to quality control in companies? 

If you point out the errors to Peggy, she just admits that they really are there.  No attempt at all to correct them or to notify the other trusting customers that buy them.  Very sad.  I suggested that she have a place on her website where people could look up a pattern number and see if there were any corrections to it.  No response to that at all in her email back to me.  Just "Yes, it is wrong."

I'm going to wander over to my cutting table, and attempt to make a pretty necklace or maybe bracelet and earrings to go with my new blue dress.  I didn't get it done yesterday.  I think I decided I better go walk my mile, clean the garage and the bathroom and then fix dinner.  We had grilled chicken breasts marinated in Italian dressing all afternoon.  Very moist, and very tasty. 

Until tomorrow.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy: I wasn't able to open the video. It said "private" and asked me to log in.

  2. Same here... :) it says "This video is private.
    Sorry about that."


  3. Okay. Video should work. I clicked on it, and it worked for me this morning, but I guess that is because it is my video. It is not a public video, but it isn't private anymore either.

    Hugs, Joy

  4. I just watched the video. I just needed to hear a little chatter tonight. It was fun. I am trying to make a collection of "add-ons" for my SFD basics. Things like necklines, collars, all different.


  5. My fondness for Peggy evaporated when she informed me she had been off doing shows and couldn't take care of shipping patterns. (I had purchased some patterns and many days later, my emails were still unanswered.) I wondered out loud how I was supposed to know that. She was quite chilly during the conversation and that was the end of our relationship! She never did apologize either. Compare that response to Glenda or Louise comparison.

    There are getting to be fewer and fewer indie patterns I am willing to buy - I too use SFD but need to work on using those to change styles. Sounds like we could use a workshop, right?

  6. Great to have a chat with you - I am enjoying a glass of pinoir noir while DH is cooking my dinner.
    Fun video :)

  7. I've only tried one Silhouette pattern and it didn't fit, issues with the sleeves and bust. I enjoy your chatting.

  8. Joy...what you need to help you put on a bracelet is this gadget :
    I can't put on a bracelet without it !! Mary Ann in VT...

  9. sorry ladies you had trouble with Silhouette. I have been using them a few years now, love them and Peggys videos. She is all about fit. In her defense, I have never had a problem communicating with her. I haven't purchased a big 3 pattern in years, and they are also pricey. Peggy teaches how to not only fit and alter, but how to change sleeves, necks, many options. Just had to say something here. All in all, it's what works for you and Silhouette works for me. Sewist

    1. I tried the Ralph pants from Silhouette Patterns and I love them. Best fit ever. I guess patterns are about fit and maybe pattern makers are too. I'm a fan but I can understand if others don't find them to their liking.


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