Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Phylly Wants To Know If It Is Finished

Well, seven workers and Michael, the builder, showed up today.  Everyone was nice, and they all worked very hard.  Jerry had to go to Ardmore for the never-happy customer there that he has spent a zillion hours on, so I was home alone.  Now, my main interest was the sink and the faucet and the plumbing.  I didn't go around and measure the overhang of the countertops.  I SAW the 2 countertop guys doing that, so I figured that would be sufficient. 

They had to sand the countertops in the place where they put the seam, and that created a storm of white dust that settled all over the counters, cabinet fronts, floor and bar.  Their "clean-up" consisted of picking up all their tools and paper towels and tubes of caulk.  It did not consist of addressing the white dust storm issue.  I figured they wouldn't clean it up to suit me anyway, so I didn't say anything but "goodbye and thank you for all your hard work" when they left. 

Actually, I said "goodbye and thank you for all your hard work" after the 310 pound -- formerly 331 pound -- Chuck told me all about his carbohydrate allergy.  Never heard of such a thing and, to be totally honest, I really didn't want to hear about it today.  He and his 19-year old daughter both have it, however, so they can't eat any carbs.  He has lost 30 pounds since he found this out, so I guess it will cause him to lose a lot of weight.  I offered twice today to make sandwiches for him and Tony -- the 3rd guy left -- but neither wanted to eat.  They worked from 9 to 4 without lunch.  Maybe they had snacks in the truck. 

The plumbers showed up at 3:00 and began the very tedious task of connecting everything under the sink.  Evidently, the garbage disposal was being very difficult as I heard them both growling as if in pain with all four arms totally under the sink.  One guy was as big as Hercules, and they could not get the garbage disposal screwed in.  It took a long time, but they finally got it in.  They left a big mess under the sink, and they asked me if I wanted them to clean it up.  Again, I decided I might as well do that myself.  I thanked them, and off they went.

Bubba -- remember him from the dining room fiasco -- and a new very young man, Mikey, came to put my cabinets back up.  Mikey got stuck with the nasty job of putting the under and over-cabinet lights back in.  He spent a long time.  We turned on the light switch, and nothing.  He worked again.  We turned on the switch again.  Nothing again.  He decided my light bulbs must have all burned out.  Right!  I knew that couldn't be the case.  Maybe ONE, but not all of them.  He worked again for a long time, and finally the lights came on. 

Bubba and Mikey got the big cabinets out of the garage and hung them back on the wall while I was upstairs finishing my new blue dress.  When I went downstairs, they were already up, and I didn't think to ask if they had cleaned them out.  Now, wouldn't you think that two guys knowing that cabinets had been in a garage for several months would notice the new residents inside and the cobwebs hanging in the corners?  If they did, they made a joint decision to just leave them there assuming we would enjoy cooking them.  Needless to say, I got to clean THAT up too.

I was deep into the clean-up when Jerry called.  It was about 4:30.  I asked him to please stop somewhere -- anywhere -- and bring something home for dinner.  I knew I wasn't going to be in any mood to cook.  He brought home BBQ ribs, potato salad and coleslaw.  It was VERY GOOD!  I wouldn't have cared if it was grasshopper stew. 

I cleaned and put things back in the cabinets until 7, and then I decided I was taking some Advil and quitting for the day.  There is always tomorrow after all. 

Jerry wasn't home 2 minutes when he informed me the countertops aren't on right.  The countertop on the bar is off all the way around.  I told him I DON'T CARE IF THEY ARE UPSIDE DOWN AND BACKWARDS.   I am NOT having them removed again.  The sink is perfectly straight, so he can look at it!

That 's all I have the energy to type tonight.  I'm going to land in the nearest recliner and do something that doesn't require cleaning.  I'll show you my new dress tomorrow.  Hopefully, it will be on me!

Hugs, Joy

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  1. Is the white stuff in the picture on the camera lens or in the air? I hope it was on the lens.

    You did good ! I am proud of you for handling all the craziness so well. Tell Jerry you want the countertop that way to remind you only God is perfect, you know, the quilter's explanation of any error in a quilt. I should have prayed for him more. Hmmmmm...I think I had a similar conversation with Jerry the last couple of days; something about him being human and mistakes are a part of being human.

    My dress is cut out. I think I need to read the pattern instructions . I think I may need to put some piping in the seams to punch it up a bit. At least I'm thinking about it.
    Hugs, Phylly


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