Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Trouble with Tuesday

Well, the trouble THIS Tuesday is Attorneys.  They act like we are just sitting around day-after-day waiting for them to direct us.  We hired -- I think -- Molly Neuman, a lawyer in Kingfisher, OK.  She wasn't available to meet with us two weeks ago regarding Mom's guardianship, so we met with her partner or boyfriend or father or whoever he was.  His name was Mesis.  Like "I hate those meeses to pieces".  We talked to him about an hour, and this is the last thing he said.

"We will need to meet again in one week."

We said, "That is too soon.  Can it be the following week?"

He said, "Someone will contact you to set up our next meeting in two weeks."

So here we are.  It's two weeks.  No phone call.  I have emailed Mesis and I have called TWICE.  I just talked to a Hispanic lady who informed me "they are gone". 

I said, "Are they on vacation or what?"

She said, "They are gone."

Yeah, I get that.  Am wondering if they are gone forever or for a day or for five minutes!!! 

She finally decided she could call Molly Neuman, who, evidently, really does exist, and have her call me back.  We shall see.  Jerry went ahead and made an appointment with Mom's doctor to talk to him about her Cat Scan and the guardianship.  That appointment is this Thursday, so we will be heading BACK to our other house tomorrow morning.  At least, we get to go together this time. 

Then this isn't really trouble, but it is about the jewelry.  I decided to just SHOW it to you, so I made you another video.  This one is short.  Here is the link:


AFTER I made this video, I decided to hammer the loops of the gold necklace.  I purchased a stainless steel bench block, after all, and a chasing hammer, so I figured I should hammer SOMETHING.  Aga hammered stuff, but I didn't really remember the details.  How hard can it be.  You put the wire on the block, and you hammer it. 

Let me just say, I SHOULD have watched Aga again to see what exactly you do and why.  I broke the rings into two pieces.  DARN!  Then I spent the next two hours trying to FIX my broken loops.  I took a picture for you of the NEW -- and hopefully, improved -- design. 

Here is BEFORE I broke the loops:

Here it is now.  It took me FOREVER to do that, believe it or not.  Wiring those little green crystals in those little loops is no small task.

I will probably decide I hate it tomorrow and start all over.

I'll wait to see what Jerry says.  I actually like it better than the first way because it is more "together".

My two green tops are VERY casual, so the necklace could be a shoestring.  Fact is, it takes a lot of mess-ups to get good at anything.

And here is the blue lapis bracelet.  I really like it except for the clasp.  The gold parts are gold-filled.  Much cheaper than gold, and I don't care if stuff is real or fake. 

You could show me a glass stone and tell me it is a diamond and I wouldn't know the difference. 

And here is what I started with yesterday.  I decided it looked really cheap and very homemade, so I cut it all apart. 

I've got to go walk my daily mile on the treadmill. 

I am SO PROUD of myself because I am really sticking with it.  I think the wine and the crackers and cheese threw my weight loss off. 

DARN!  Do I have to give up EVERYTHING!?

Have a great Tuesday evening.  We will be watching night 2 of Dancing With The Stars.  Sure hope Pamela gets voted off tonight.  She is TERRIBLE.  She acts like she is on something other than the dance floor, if you catch my drift!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Goodness - you don't like Pamela either - We agree (DH and I) SHE has to go!

    Love the jewelry.


    PS - loved your video chat - yes, I watched to the end. Sure wish I could have been there to share.

  2. Thanks Debora! I'm so glad someone wants to hear me talk, because I sure miss doin' it! Hopefully, I'll get to be with Phylly soon and I'll get to talk a blue streak.
    Hugs, Joy

  3. I think you're fortunate you hammered the first green necklace to pieces. The second one looks much more balanced and together. :)

  4. I miss your talking a blue streak, or a pink one or a green one or whatever it is; I miss it!

    Oh, you are going to be here tomorrow! Hallelujah! I will just bring the pattern for the coat to work tomorrow so I can give it to you when I see you!

    I love the second necklace better and the second bracelet better. They both look more classy than the first.

    I'm working on my dress pattern, or it really could be the coat pattern since it is a princess line, too. I started all over with the second pattern and I'm PP the front now. I've lowered the bustline for my gravity affected boobs. Next I'm doing the FBA. The PP fitting book shows how to do an FBA with a shawl collar. Thought that might help for your coat.
    Hugs, Phylly


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