Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Do I Really NEED A Coat That Fits Me?

Honestly!  All the alterations I have had to do on this coat pattern ought to shoot me up into "Rocket Scientist" status!  I thought since I have sewn since before TV's were invented, I should be able to tackle a lined coat and not have any trouble.

Well, I suppose if I had a "normal" body -- whatever that is -- maybe it wouldn't be such a challenge.  I think Gertie must have a "normal" body because she whipped up a muslin of the pattern in a Size 14 and put it on, and it fits her like she was the model for it. 

I'll have you know, however, that my coat is also Size 14 from my ears to my armpits!

There she is.  Isn't she pretty?  She is the girl I told you about.  Looks like a movie star with the most beautiful skin, but LOVES tattoos.  Phylly and I could just cry every time we look at her.  No offense to Gertie.  We KNOW we are the odd balls.  

Here I am in my THIRD muslin.  What do you think?  I'm thinking mabe the collar needs to be cut back so I don't resemble the Flying Nun so much.  Maybe if my picture wasn't RIGHT NEXT TO GERTIE, I would like it better.  I just have to tell myself that she will be 62 someday.  We'll see how well things fit her then.  (-;

I look like a complete DORK with that huge smile on my face, but I was happy that it looked fairly decent after three tries.  The pajamas underneath add a lot to it, of course.  The neckline seems to still ride up a bit on me, but maybe in the real coat, it won't do that.  Plus, the real coat has a very full skirt on it that will pull it down some.  Hopefully, it will show my waist and not look so much like a straight jacket!

I realized this morning -- or was it last night -- that I had not done the alterations to the LINING.  I'm not used to doing linings, so I didn't think of it.  When I pulled the lining pieces out and cut them out, I realized that the lining has a princess seam in the front of it.  HOW ON EARTH do you do an FBA in the lining princess seam and make it MATCH the FBA in the non-princess seam front?  I'll show you the pictures, but don't expect too much clarification here.  I DID the alterations and don't understand them!

I swear, it would be easier to build a rocket!

Gotta go.  DWTS is on.  I want to see who gets eliminated.  I'm guessing Kirstie or Bristol or Drew.

Tina, I left you a comment on the post you responded to.

Hugs, Joy


  1. It looks right to me and you know I am the expert on FBAs as we know. Now that I have my dress pattern with the princess lines fitting right, that is. That is what I get for trying a different way rather than the way that I know works. Anyway, I started comparing my coat pattern to my fitted dress to see how close it will be. I'm taking a break right now then I'm going back to it. Hugs, Phylly

  2. you made me lol! several times!
    ok 1. you're too hard on yourself! 62? you dont look it - you are cute as a button, witha smile that lights up the place, and a very cute figure!
    2. i really do think you're obsessing about this collar standing up too much - it's a shawl collar after all and you're right that with the weight of the skirt, as well as with the weight of a fashion fabric and also the interfacing, gravity should make that collar behave in the way you want
    3. cant help but look like a straight jacket in white muslin but i got a laugh out of that!

  3. It looks as if your cot is coming along great!

    Question . . . . after you make a muslin, what do you do with it? Seems like there should be some way to recycle muslin fabric. I acn only use so many dusting cloths and pressing cloths.

  4. Mine goes straight in the trash can. I have a lot of completed garments at the City Dump, so I sure don't feel bad about sending a muslin to join them. (-;


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