Friday, October 12, 2012

Guardian Court and The Coat Odyssey

Well, so much for everything going so smoothly I was about to have to change my opinion of our legal system.  I thought I had just found the right town that actually had organized, trained professionals running the legal system.  NOPE!  I was wrong.  It's just like all the other towns.

Jerry and I drove an hour to Kingfisher this morning for our 11:00 court date to finalize the Guardianship for his mother, Leanida.  I called our lawyer, Molly, at 8:30 this morning.  I was told she was "in court" and "in Kingfisher".  That sounded good -- the right place -- and the right town.  How could anything possibly go wrong??????????

We drove up in Mom's driveway at exactly 10:30 AM.  My phone rang before I got out of the car.  It was Molly, our attorney.  She told me our appointment had been cancelled because there was no Court Reporter (Transcriber ?) -- what the heck are they called ? -- and we would have to reschedule.  Molly asked if we were bringing Mom.  OF COURSE, we weren't bringing Mom!  She wouldn't know where she was or why she was there.  What would be the point in that? 

I got the brilliant idea to go to my favorite small town cafe -- City Cafe -- and have breakfast.  Jerry agreed.  IT WAS WONDERFUL!  I ordered two eggs over medium, bacon and ONE pancake.  I wish I had thought to take a picture.  I am NOT exaggerating, the pancake was as big as the platter it was on.  I had to move it over to find the eggs.  The bacon was on top of it.  Almost worth half a tank of gas and 2 hours wasted.  Our court date has been rescheduled for October 30th now. 

Let me add to that last paragraph that I weighted 151.5 this morning, and didn't start to eat that whole pancake.  I put about a teaspoon of syrup on one little piece of it, and I left over 3/4 of it on the plate.  NOTHING is good enough to mess up my DESM diet.  It is really working.

We came back home, and I walked into my sewing rooms to work on my red coat.  The FIRST thing I had to do -- HOORAY, YIPPEE and AWESOME -- is cut off ALL the seam insurance I had added to the paper pattern.  That means I cut off 2 1/2 inches of width around the coat.  I think I can still cut more off.

Then I pressed open the new seamlines.

Then I pinned one side of the black collar on which isn't interfaced or sewn or anything just so I could see if I was going to like it black.  I put in a couple of shoulder pads that are probably too thick for this coat.  Then I took some pictures for you.


The coat will overlap the other direction, but I just happened to pick up the black collar for that side.

The collar will be 5/8" smaller all around, so it won't be so high on my neck.

I really like this coat SO FAR.  Phylly is coming over tomorrow, so I will start on the lining and the INTERlining (the warm stuffing) while she is here.

I am delighted with the fit.  So far, even after losing 5 1/2 pounds, my bust still measures the same and so do my hips.  I have lost several inches off my middle. 

That is fine with me. 

That is where I NEEDED to lose them! 

I was beginning to look like the Great Pumpkin.  I could have put a candle in my belly button and sat on the front porch for some Fall Decor.

Gotta go.  Want to find an easy chair and watch another episode of Sandra Betzina start to say a bunch of stuff, but stop after 2 or 3 words. 

She may want to look into moving to Countrywood with Leanida! 

Actually, I really like her, but she does have a very annoying habit of not finishing her sentences.  You have to fill in the missing parts yourself. 

Of course, if she saw that picture of me on the left, she would probably call 911 to have me committed!

Hugs, Joy

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