Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day in Court

Goodness!  I am falling behind on my blog this week.  Blame it on Jerry and the court hearing in Kingfisher for Jerry's Mom.

Jerry ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS gets up in the morning before I do.  Usually, 5:30 or 6:00 AM.  I never get up (not to be confused with "wake up") before 7:00.  Therefore, when I have to be woken up in the morning at a certain time, I expect him to come wake me up. 

Now, let me say right off -- before I gripe about Jerry -- that I realize I need to just set the alarm and forget about Jerry, but......... 

Monday night, after DWTS, I talked to Jerry about what time we should leave for our one-hour drive to Kingfisher.  We agreed we would leave at 8:30 to allow time to stop by Mom's house and allow for any traffic issues.  I announced I was going to bed and asked him to be sure I was up in time. 

Again, another mistake of mine.  I should have told him the EXACT second I wanted him to wake me up.

I have this major "thing" in my personality that causes me not to be able to go to sleep if I know I have to get up the next morning at a different time than usual.  WHY, I don't know -- but I do.  So I went to bed, but I could not go to sleep.  I tossed and turned until sometime after 2 AM.  Jerry, on the other hand, falls asleep wherever he is.  He can be in a chair, in a car, in the bed -- anywhere.  He came to bed at his usual time, and I know because I was still awake.  I finally fell sort of asleep, but I didn't REALLY fall asleep until I noticed him get out of bed early in the morning.  THEN, I thought to myself:  I can really go to sleep now because he will wake me up in time.

At 15 minutes until 8:00, Jerry wakes me up and hands me a cup of coffee.  Now, I didn't realize what time it was at that point.  I just thought, "How sweeeeeeeeeeeeet of him", and I sat up and started sipping my coffee getting ready to go in the living room and sit in my glider and sloooowly adjust to the day and then fix my one piece of toast allowed in my DESM diet and take my vitamins. 

As I was getting out of my bed, I noticed the clock on my nightstand and the time.  I nearly hit the ceiling.  I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MAD!!!  I had LESS THAN 45 minutes to do what I usually do in 90 minutes.

And I said all that to tell you that yesterday had a very bad start.  Poor Jerry.  I kept yelling at him and telling him what a terrible husband he was, and how I could NOT understand how you could live with a woman for 37 years and know NOTHING about her!!!

As Jerry is driving, I keep yelling at him; and he does what he ALWAYS does when I get mad at him.  He IGNORES me!  The MORE he ignores me, the more I yell, and I bring up every little thing he has done wrong since the day we met.  It is NOT a good system, and I don't recommend it.  

We arrived a little early at the courthouse in spite of all that.  Of course, I had thrown myself together so fast, I wasn't quite sure my shoes matched my outfit or if I even had any on!  I forgot my watch, which was probably a GOOD thing!  Jerry found our attorney, Molly, in the hallway with another client, and she jumped up and decided to suddenly remember that we were coming.  She said if we hurried we could get right into the Judge.  He is the nicest Judge.  I really like him.  The three of us walked into his office.  He was at his desk dressed in a suit.  Jerry and I sat down, as directed, in front of his desk.

He just started talking to us, and he said that he had always wanted to be an attorney from when he was very young because he had decided that attorneys know things that nobody else knows.

I responded that our preacher noticed when he was very young that there was a guy who had a very large key ring with a whole bunch of keys on it hanging from his belt.  He decided he wanted to do whatever that guy did because he must be the most important guy in the world to have all those keys.  He laughed.

He asked us to raise our right hands and swear.  We did.  Then Molly began talking and SUDDENLY realized that Jerry's Mom, Nida, wasn't there. 

DUH!!!  That is why we had to reschedule from last time.  If Mom isn't present, you have to have a court reporter -- recorder -- stenographer -- whatever they are called.
So the Judge says, "We need to move."  So Molly led Jerry and I through the secret passageway into the courtroom where several other people were gathered.  The Judge said he would tell them to "stand down".  I guess they did even though most of them were standing up.  We stood in front of the fancy Judge bench and he came in dressed in his black robe and sat down behind the desk.  Then Molly did her 60-second spiel, and that was it.  The Judge said we were now co-guardians, and we left.  Then we walked down the hall to the clerk's area, and she and Molly stamped the Judge's signature on a bunch of papers, and that was it.

Then we went to the three banks in town where Mom has accounts, and we gave them copies of the guardian papers and signed signature "cards".  Then we went to her house where Jerry finished painting a few spots, and I cleaned the house and swept out the garage.  We put the "For Sale" sign back in the yard, and then we went over to visit Mom.  She was so happy to see us.  She just lit up.  She recognized us this time.  She didn't talk a lot.  She has gotten so she can hardly form a complete sentence because she can't remember what she was going to say.  When we left, I bent over the chair she was sitting in, and I gave her a hug.  Jerry was standing next to the chair.  Mom got up from the chair and asked Jerry to give her a hug.  She about squeezed the stuffings out of him.  She KNEW who he was, and it was so touching.  I promised her we would be back for the holidays, and said I hoped Countrywood would allow us to eat with her.  She said, "Well, I will MAKE them let you eat with me!"  That was a complete sentence, lol.

I'm going to meet Phylly at Louie's by the lake for lunch.  I better get going. 

Hugs, Joy

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