Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sermon Notes and The Gathering

WOW!  Today's sermon by Matthew Hagee was AWESOME!  Up there with the BEST I've ever heard.  I wish it was on a gigantic loudspeaker in heaven blaring down so the entire Earth could hear the message -- everyone in their own language.  Please listen to it at if you get a chance. 

I'm not sure of the exact title now, but it was something like:  WHEN THE STANDARD FALLS

The scripture reference was 1 Kings 14:21 and following.  It was the story of David's grandson and Solomon's son, Rehoboam.  It talks about how great and awesome Israel was when handed down to him after his father and grandfather had built it into its fabulousness -- a nation envied by all other nations.

To name just a few of the riches of Solomon:  The hinges in his horse stables were pure gold.

Solomon's throne was ivory covered in gold.

There were twelve lions made of gold -- six on each side of his throne -- representing the 12 tribes.

There were 200 pure gold shields suspended from the cedar beams that were lowered once a day -- each one manned by a servant -- 100 on each side -- to usher Solomon into his prayer chamber to talk with God.

And one could write for days on the riches of Solomon.  As Matthew put it, "the palace was blinged out!"

How did this all happen?  It happened because Solomon asked God for wisdom, and Solomon performed his Kingly duties by using the wisdom he acquired from God.  God didn't just rain down gold all over Israel.  It was brought to Solomon by other nations as a tribute to him. 

So what happened when Rehoboam took over.  Actually, what "happened" was that his father, Solomon, made some gigantic mistakes in his latter years over WOMEN!  Matthew described the reason for it as Solomon probably married women from other nations in order to get along with them -- the nation, not the woman -- and he married women from heathen nations that worshipped other gods.  Unlike David, Solomon was a lover.  David was a fighter.  He didn't put up with crap about other gods and being "politically right".  Solomon lowered the standards in order to have peace.

Before the story of Rehoboam, you read that God told Solomon -- because of his disobedience -- that he was going to destroy the nation of Israel and all of its glory would be lost, BUT he would not do it in Solomon's time.  It would be done in his son's time.  Rehoboam really didn't have much say about it.  But when you consider that Rehoboam's mother was an Ammonite, and Ammonites worshipped some other god, the you can imagine that he was raised knowing his mother's religion as well as his father's.

The story in 1 Kings tells all the evil that happened in Rehoboam's reign INCLUDING "male cult prostitutes".  The King of Egypt came in and took EVERYTHING just like God had foretold to Solomon.

The Bible says, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord."

We know that is true.  When our forefathers came over here on the Mayflower they prepared what is called the Mayflower Compact.  It shows clearly the faith of our fathers and what kind of nation they were building.  This nation was built on the same Godly principles as Israel. 

This is Queen Joy now (not King James):

God isn't the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy.  He is Almighty GOD!  America must WAKE UP out of its apathy and ignorance and realize that we will lose EVERYTHING if we don't come back to our God.  Not everyone's God.  The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Almighty God.  The only true God.  We have to quit trying to appease every religion -- every non-religion -- and every kook.  If people don't like our One Nation Under God, then they can leave it. 

Churches are afraid to preach the Bible.  If churches would preach it, all these kooks and atheists would change their thinking because the Word of God is ALIVE and FULL OF POWER.  Warmed over psychological crap is not Bible, and it can't convict a soul to come to God.  Some churches even allow homosexuals to be ministers.  What a mess we have because so many have tried to be politically correct and not offend anyone.  I tell you one thing.  I'd rather offend a sinner than offend God.  SOMEONE has to speak the truth in love.

What can we do???  We can fast and pray.  We can praise God.  Praise is powerful.  Remember Paul and Silus in jail after having been beaten.  They were praising God and an earthquake shook the jail open.  Wow!  It can happen again if all christians will come together -- gather their children -- and pray and praise and do what we can do in our own little parts of this America.  Let's go back to God and take this nation with us.  

I could go on for days and days on this subject, but I'm sure I've lost most readers long ago.  Like I said, the sermon was awesome.  I encourage you to listen to it.

Gotta go.  Heading North 150 miles to our other house.  Tuesday is "The Gathering", as I call it, of the four J's -- the children of my Mother and Father.  This is a VERY rare occasion.  Only two spouses will be there, mine and my sister's from Tulsa. 

My brother, James, and my sister, Judy, are cooking for all of us at James' house.  He says he isn't telling his wife, Deana, who will be at work, because she will think she has to clean the house.  I feel sorry for James once she finds out we have been there without her knowledge.  He may be coming to live with us.  I would strangle Jerry if he did that to me!

I think James is going to deep fry a turkey. 

I'm taking my sister, Janice, a Bernina  2000DE Serger I bought for her on Ebay to add to her sewing room.  She has never used one, and I am hoping I can show her how to thread it without scaring her to death.  Not easy the first time!  I want her to enjoy sewing as much as I do.  She knows how -- that's for sure -- just hasn't had much money to spend on it over the years.

I better finish packing the car.  We are leaving late today because the internet is down at our other house.  Somone is coming between 8 and 12 tomorrow to fix it for the ZILLIONTH time!!!  I told AT&T I would give them ONE more chance to make their service actually work.  I don't think they care one way or the other.

Have a blessed Sunday and a blessed week.

Hugs, Joy


  1. You didn't lose me as a follower. I was almost shouting AMEN as I read your post today. I agree with you, I'd rather offend a sinner than offend God. We must take America back. God bless you this week.

  2. Well said, dear friend. This nation needs to hear the hard stuff. I am so sick of hearing political correctness and lies. Our government is full of both. It must be changed if we are to survive. But it starts with each of us. Change won't be easy, but it must be done.

    I hope you had a good trip up here. See you tomorrow or later this week.



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