Thursday, November 1, 2012

Craftsy Refund and Home Again

Jerry and I arrived back home here in Kingston about 1 PM today.  We hurriedly unpacked both of our vehicles, and he headed to the store to do payroll.  I unpacked bags and ice chests for over an hour and then headed to the sewing room upstairs where I talked to Tina about her new pants.  They look AMAZING on her!  Actually, it was just a muslin, but it looked amazing on her.  She is going to send me a picture of her completed pants so I can show you. 

After I talked to Tina, I was in the mood to make a new pair of pants.  I am in the middle of Sandra Betzina's fitting class on Craftsy, and I have her Vogue pattern for princess seam pants.  I just could NOT understand her directions, and the pant was a total mess fit-wise.  My "bowl" didn't fit into it any way, shape or form.  The problem was the crotch depth which was WAY OFF, but Sandra informed me after FOUR DAYS of waiting for an answer, that she doesn't pay any attention to crotch depth.  That is sure obvious!

After an hour of total frustration trying to get my "bowl" to work with her pattern, I gave up and wrote to Craftsy and requested a refund.  I LOVE that about Craftsy.  If you decide within 30 days that you don't like a class, they will totally refund your money.  They already answered and told me the refund was issued.  LOVE THAT SERVICE!!! 

Back to Sure-fit Designs for me.  I need a new pattern with a little smaller top on it since I lost some weight.  I don't seem to be dropping off any more pounds, so I will work on my current 150 pound shape.

I have to be home until "between 1 and 3" tomorrow for Sears to show up with my Elliptical.  Jerry wants to be here for that, and I am so glad because he is just as picky as I am about keeping dirty boxes and dirty shoes off our carpet.  It doesn't still look new after 14 years by accident.

Jerry and I spent the last hour breaking down the Chuck Norris Total Gym (the one Jerry hasn't used in 6 years, but he is GOING to use it, so we have to keep it) and putting it in a closet and then taking as many pieces as we could off my NordikTrack Treadmill to make it easier to move downstairs.  These fitness machines are so nice UNTIL you need to move them.  They are so awkward and heavy.

Anyway, I will have to stay here all day tomorrow, so it is either the red coat or new pants.  I'll see what mood I wake up in tomorrow morning.  Right now, I just want to go land in the recliner and listen to O'Reilly.  Well, I don't REALLY want to listen to him, but that is who Jerry has on.  He gets on my nerves.  He and Limbaugh are so conceited!

Until tomorrow, be safe and happy.  I'm so very sorry for the folks affected by that awful storm.  I pray God helps you as you work your way through all the issues, and that they are resolved quickly.

Hugs, Joy

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