Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Deanna!

I am SO TIRED from working on my red coat all day long, that I won't post today's sermon notes until tomorrow.  The sermon today was actually quite frightening.  It was about those 4 blood moons again, and all the countries that are going to invade Israel.  What scares me is that I don't know how that could happen if Romney -- a President that would befriend and protect Israel -- is elected. 

We are still praying and believing for a miracle.  PLEASE vote!

And it is Deanna's birthday today!  I prepared a Blue Mountain card for you weeks ago, Deanna, but from what I can tell, it got lost in space.  I got a REMINDER today from Blue Mountain that it is your birthday.  What did they do with your card???  Anyway, I hope you had a great day.  I know the weather was great.  Knowing your family, you all got together for a big celebration. 

Whatever age you are today, you look AMAZING, and I am so blessed to have you for my forever friend! 

If I remember right, you are heading for the lake for a vacation with a friend.  Have lots of fun!

Jerry and I started watching 22 episodes of a show called Blue Belle (I think).  I never heard of it.  I guess it was a TV series.  There is a girl named Lemon Meringue in it, and another girl whose name I don't recall.  She is a doctor from New York City that moved to a small country town.  (Hasn't that been done like a dozen times already?)  She wears very short dresses and shorts and very high heel shoes.  She certainly doesn't look like any doctor I ever went to.  Oh!  Her name is Dr. Hart.  We watched about 4 episodes last night, so there are a lot left. 

In one episode, Dr. Hart is filling in for the other doctor who is the only doctor who has any patients, and the blood tests of the town preacher come in.  She finds out the preacher has Syphilis. 

Right away, I thought, "OH, GREAT!  The preacher and his wife are going to turn out to be horrible people."  I almost turned it off, but decided to wait for the outcome.  I was so happy that the writers decided to allow the Syphilis to be from the wife getting her belly button pierced by a young girl who had Syphilis, rather than from the husband having an affair.  Dr. Hart was so surprised that the preacher actually was a Godly man that she started attending his church.  Very nice!  Probably why it was never shown on TV.  TV shows here are only about Godless people.  I cringe whenever I see a preview from one of the current weeknight shows, and think that it is no wonder our children act like they do and have such disrespect for parents and religion.  I won't have it on my TV.

Better go find Jerry so we can watch Blue Belle. 

Hugs, Joy

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