Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pants, Pockets, Hollie and Joseph

Tina got me yearning to make pants again.  I was determined to get the whole "crotch curve" mystery figured out once and for all.  I actually did a real good job this time with the crotch, but I forgot everything else!

I forgot to put the darts in the front that I WAS going to put in when I fitted them, but forgot.  So when I put the pants on to fit them, the waist was way too big -- of course -- so I took the pants in on both side seams but NOT until I totally removed the beautiful SFD pockets all sewn into the front.  They had to be redrafted and put back into the pant front.

They looked totally awesome and perfect after I got them all put back in UNTIL I decided to see how close I had gotten them to the front waist darts.  That is when I discovered there WEREN'T any.  There was still enough room in the waist to add them, so I did.  They aren't right next to the pockets like Glenda illustrated, but they are in line with the front creases, so they will suffice!

I also forgot that you have to make the pattern smaller if you are going to use stretch fabric.  Remember the jeans I made with stretch denim?  I can pull them off and on without unzipping them.

I didn't even think about the fabric being stretchy -- and didn't think it was.  It was just a real pretty piece I found in my stash.  I sat down to sew the pants, and -- as always -- checked to see what needle was in the machine.  It was a stretch needle.  I thought, "I don't need a stretch needle", so I removed it.  I started looking around for another needle, when my lightning fast mind decided to try to stretch my fabric -- just in case.  What a surprise it was to find out that it has quite a bit of stretch in it.  It is a stretch cotton, I guess.  I put the stretch needle back in.

I tried to make the pant legs narrower because that is the style now, but I was quite confused as to how to do that.  One direction said to taper from the hem up to the hip.  Another said to use smaller dots.  I wasn't sure what to do.  Whatever I did, I wish I had done more of it. 

I'll take a pic of my new britches when I get them done which, hopefully, will be tomorrow.  I need to finish that red coat.  It is almost done.  It requires a lot of pressing right now, and it is like wrestling a grizzly bear.  A LOT of fabric, and it is all together now. 

While I was sewing today, I got a call from Hollie.  She said it is 20 BELOW zero there!  Can you imagine!?  I cannot.

John happened to be home for lunch so I got to hear him utter a few sentences.  He is very busy, you see, buying, fixing and selling trucks.  I think Hollie said they have 4 vehicles in the yard right now.  I said, "OH, NO!, my grandson is a Redneck!"  She laughed. 

I got an email yesterday from some Branson agency.  Jerry and I went to Branson three times, and we really liked it, but every time we went the shows were all the same.  It has been several years since we have been there, so I started reading to see if there were any new shows.  I found a Christmas package that includes a show called Joseph.  I was really excited when I saw the preview video of it.  I asked Jerry if he would like to run away for Christmas.  He said, "YES!!!!"  "Make the reservations."  I haven't yet.  I am waiting to see what Hollie and John are going to do.  I would love for them to go with us if they come home for Christmas, but that seems to be an ever-changing dream of mine.  And, of course, with my yo-yo lifestyle, I don't like to make reservations to ANYTHING unless it is going to happen tonight or tomorrow.  
Doesn't that picture make you want to sing "the coat of many colors that my Mama made for me" by Dolly Parton?

I better go.  Jerry just got home.  Had to work late on another computer problem at the store.  I better go see if he is eating the right thing.  He has a way of not seeing what is right in front of him.  I am so sore from this Elliptical, I may have to slither down the stairs on my belly!

Hugs, Joy

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