Thursday, November 29, 2012

Potty Watch and Gas Thieves

This has been a weird day.  My husband neglected to tell me that construction people were showing up this morning at 8 AM.  Well, he did tell me -- but it was about 7:30 AM.  He was in his underwear, and I was in my pajamas.  I said, "You better get ready so you can answer the door because I'm not answering it."  So after about 15 minutes passed, he decided to get in the shower.  GREAT!  So then I tell myself, "Those people are ALWAYS late, so you don't need to change."

Then I looked out the front window and noticed a black car in front of my house.  I yelled at Jerry in the shower, "THERE IS A BLACK CAR IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE!!!"  He didn't hear me.  I looked out the window again and an SUV pulled up behind the black car.  I yelled at Jerry, "THERE IS ANOTHER CAR IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE!!!  ARE YOU READY TO ANSWER THE DOOR?" 

No answer either time from Jerry and, NO, he wasn't ready!

I ran into my bedroom closet as fast as I could and grabbed a bra out of the underwear drawer.  I put it on as quickly as I could under the black tee shirt I had worn to bed.  Then I ran to the sink -- grabbed a hair brush -- ran it through my very mussed-up hairdo which did no good at all -- grabbed a tube of libstick and smeared it over my chapped lips -- and then it happened:

DING DONG!!!!  It was 8:00 AM straight up.  Jerry was still dressing and his hair was all wet.  I went to the door and opened it up just a crack so my mouth could talk and someone would know where my words were coming from.  That wasn't good enough though.  The very nice man wanted to introduce himself and shake my hand.  GREAT!

"Hi, I'm David."

I said, "I'm Joy, and I usually don't look this bad."

He said, "Nice to meet you." 

David went around to the back of the house to start working with his crew on the soffits that have been ruined by leaky rain gutters clogged up with ten million leaves.  I went to get Jerry and told him I did NOT want to deal with these men, and he needed to get outside.  Guess what he said to me????  Go ahead, guess.......

"I have to leave, Joy.  I'm going to work."

So, I have been stuck here all day long.  I haven't been in the shower yet.  I did run into my closet this morning and take off my pajama pants and put on some jeans.  I didn't dare try to get in the shower because right after Jerry drove off this morning, one of the guys rang the bell.  I answered.  He wanted to know if it would be alright if they used one of our bathrooms?  I wasn't at all thrilled about that, but what could I say.  I said, "Will you have your guys KNOCK before they come in to use it?"  He said he would.  There are probably 6 guys out there.  Something was lost in the translation, however, because when they have to use the bathroom, they knock on the garage door, and then they just come in.  Several times, I didn't even know a guy was in here. 

Other than that, I have worked on the red coat.  It is almost done, but I'm not sure if I'm happy with it or not.  The "bagging" of the lining was very strange, and the hem at the bottom is supposed to be mysteriously held up by the lining, but the lining is 1/2" longer.  Bazaar.  I can only take it in small doses.  Plus, I don't like doing detail work with strange men coming in my house.

And that wasn't the ONLY strange man who came in.  Yesterday, Jerry and I finally signed a contract and paid half down to have the crumby contractor-grade windows replaced in this house.

Someone came out today to REmeasure every single window.  I don't remember his name, but I remember he was tall and skinny, had a silver ring in each ear, and the lovely crack of his butt showed as he bent over to measure something.

I can now tell you that it doesn't matter if the guy is fat or skinny.  It is still GROSS!!!

I am so glad that the built-in "carport" is being done behind our store.  That is why we are here right now.  Jerry is supervising it.  Jerry told me today that each of our delivery vans has 4 or 5 plugs in the fuel tank from thieves drilling holes in them to drain out $80 worth of gasoline.  It is just shocking how evil the world is now.  One of our employees had her fuel tank drilled and drained while we were OPEN, and she was sitting at her desk.  I would put cameras in the parking lot, but thieves could just break them with a rock or something.  And even if you had a picture of the creep, how would you ever find him?  It's not like they have their address tattooed on their forehead.

I better get up out of this chair.  Hope you are having a nice day.  The weather is very nice here.  Wish I was out in it, but I am on potty patrol.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Gosh Joy, I hoped you are now workman free. I know just what you mean, I also can't settle to do anything when strangers keep popping round corners of the house. Can't wait to see the red coat when it is finished. I have never heard of the lining having to hold up the hem, or have I misread what you meant.
    Have a nice day.... It is cold wet and darkish over here in the UK.

  2. I see my last comment. Is timed at 2.45 am your time. You are still tucked up in bed, here it is 10.45 am and I am on my third cup of coffee.
    I know USA is huge with different time zones, but I always get caught out. One of my sons is a church minister in Atlanta and I have to remember he is 5 hours behind us here.
    Toodle oo

  3. I know what you mean, Sewing Nannie, about the time. My grandson and his wife, Hollie, are in Alaska, and I have a hard time remembering that they are in bed asleep when I want to call them. I received a call from them one night after I was in bed. Of course, I don't care WHAT time it is when one of them calls! It is always a treat.
    Actually, I am about to send an email right now about work still needed to finish up my kitchen repair here at this house. NOT looking forward to it. THANKS for commenting!
    Hugs, Joy


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