Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Belly Laugh and See What I Made Today

This one makes you feel happy!  How precious is the innocence of a baby.  No worries and no depression and no stress.  Oh, to be like that again.  Thanks, Deanna, for this one.

That sure is a long link, isn't it?  I need to learn how to just have the Youtube screen come up.  I tried, but couldn't figure it out today.  Maybe it isn't Youtube.

I decided to put the sewing away until I get back to our other house, and I set up all my jewelry-making equipment today.  I wanted to make something to wear with my new black/white blouse.  Actually, it is silver and white on black.  It was practically impossible to get a good picture of this, so you'll have to add your imagination to the pics.

This is SO much prettier than it looks in this picture. It is Sterling Silver, for one thing, and you can't tell that in the pic. 

I made the bracelet first, and it wasn't too complicated.

Then I wanted to make matching earrings, and I really couldn't remember the rules for that, so I experimented.  I broke a lot of wire and a crimp, but I finally came up with these earrings.  The wraps are a little crooked on the one earring, but I doubt anyone in the whole world is going to notice it unless I wear them in the presence of Aga, the teacher.  I may try to fix that tomorrow when I'm not so tired.

THEN, I had 2 of the sparkly sterling silver balls left and decided to try another style of earring, and I came up with these.  They are very cute too. 

All of these pieces are WAY different than anything I own.  That is why I am so glad I learned to make my own jewelry.  PLUS, the silver matches my black fabric perfectly.  I took a pic of that too, but I had to put little scraps of the fabric together, and the picture is awful.  You get the idea though.  Picture SHINY sterling silver -- not yellow.

That's it for today.  Tomorrow is the Kingston office Christmas lunch at Gecko's Mexican Food.  Not what I would have chosen.  I don't think the employees wanted to drive very far, and this place is practically next door to our store.  It is very good and I know all the employees there.  Doesn't seem very Christmassy though.

Headin down to get in my PJ's and watch something on my laptop.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Oh, so pretty! You are really getting good at jewelry making.

    You know Tamales are a Christmas food. I wonder if Gecko's has them.

    Can't wait until you get back next week.

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. The link takes me to the Yahoo sign-in page. If that link is to an e-mail message of yours, you cannot do it that way.

    Nice jewelry!

  3. Beautiful jewelry, Joy! I don't know where you get the energy
    to do half of what you do, including going back and forth between
    houses and having to pack and take the stuff you want and then
    unpack. God bless you .. that would wear me out.

    I discovered that Goodwill has a national auction site with lots
    of sewing, beading items under crafts/hobbies. It's so much fun
    to go thru the pages. Check out this interesting lot:


    Prayers and best wishes for a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. Keep
    praying for our dear nation. God bless and protect us all .. and especially
    our brave military.


  4. Hi Joy!
    Thanks for your post. Today is the day I have to pack and head back North. Am not looking forward to the hauling part, but am looking forward to seeing my MIL and our friends' Christmas program. Thank goodness, it is only 150 miles and not more.
    I will definitely check out that sight. It is probably MY fabric they are selling, lol. I've given them miles of it.
    Hugs, Joy


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