Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Heath and New Not-So-Ugly Camisole

Some of you may not know about Heath.  He is the BEST waiter in the world, and Phylly and I go to Olive Garden a lot and specifically ask for him to wait on us. 

I asked him if I could take a picture of him today, and he was happy to let me.  Actually, Phylly took a picture of both Heath and I -- and it would have been SO GOOD because he had his arm around me and I was fussing with his tie -- but she must have had a seizure or something while holding my cell phone because the picture is so blurred, we look like monsters.

Heath looks like he has a sunburn because he DOES HAVE A SUNBURN.  He goes to a tanning booth.  I've tried to tell him how dangerous they are, but he doesn't agree.  He grew up in Florida, and he likes to have a tan.  A tan is one thing -- a burn is DANGEROUS!  Next time Jerry comes with us to lunch, I will show him all of Jerry's skin cancer scars. 

Heath has also LOST 100 POUNDS!  He carries a picture in his wallet of what he looked like with the extra 100 pounds.  He is one of the reasons I decided I should be able to lose 10 pounds.  I can't even imagine losing 100!

You saw the UGLY camisole I made a couple days ago.  You know me -- I will do it over and over and over until I get it right.  Fortunately, the THIRD time turned out pretty nice.  I now am on the fourth camisole, but it is a different design. 

Cami #2 turned out VERY bad.  It resides in the garbage can.  I used a really lightweight knit for it, and it would not behave at all.  When I sewed the elastic to the back of it, the whole back just stayed stretched out and hung down my back like the letter "U".  I could have jumped rope with it.

I did you a favor and photographed this cami on Blueberry (that's what I call the dressform I bought at Hancock's that looks like a Smurf) since this one looks more like underwear than the one I posed in the other day.  Blueberry hasn't lost any weight either, so the cami is too small around for her.  It doesn't have all those folds on the bottom when I wear it.

OH!  By the time I got to this one, I decided to put a casing at the top of the back INSTEAD of sewing the elastic with a zigzag directly to it.  MUCH, MUCH better!  Much easier to fit because you can just pull the elastic tighter if you need to.

Tomorrow, I am going to cut out a different camisole pattern in dark purple satin.  I sure hope it turns out.  At the rate I'm going, I should have a different camisole to wear each day of the 3-day class in Tulsa with Louise Cutting.

Until soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Your cami looks really nice.
    I have to place my straps closer in the back so the straps dont slip off my sloped shoulders.

    Looking forward to seeing your purple version


  2. Joy Joy, you keep forgetting. I am a PROFESSIONAL SEAMSTRESS, SEWIST, AND SEWING ARTIST. I am not a professional photographer! You keep forgetting that I can't take pictures, throw a baseball, whistle, or snap my fingers. ;-):-):-0

    My two camisoles and pants liners are finished. They are not perfect, but they are just what I need for the class.

    Hugs, Phylly


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