Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Video on Princess Seam Pants and "DESM"

YEAH!  Phylly and I finally were able to make a new video.  Actually, we had to do a retake on this one because I pushed the "close up" button by accident on the back of my camera.  Phylly looked amazing in High Definition but her words were waaaaaay sloooooooooooooooooow and the video kept stopping. 

These pants are a modification to the Sure-fit Designs pants blueprint to put a princess seam down the center front of the leg and down the center back of the leg.  This modification allows a Flat Butt Alteration under the hiney in the back.  This is Phylly's first attempt at this alteration, and it worked perfectly.  Here is the link:

Not only did we make that video, I made a video before Phylly got here this morning.  To the lady that asked me to show her my sewing room and my thread racks, this one is for you:

It is almost 5 PM, and we have been working all day long.  I tried to get Phylly to spend the night, but she thinks her husband will miss her too much.  Good heavens, my husband is without me for so long, I wonder sometimes if he will forget he has a wife!!! 

It is 5:36 now, and Phylly had to leave before she finished her pants.  You will have to wait a while longer for pictures of the completed princess pants.  They needed about three inches cut off the bottom, and we couldn't get them to hang right for pictures tonight. 

Hey, Tina!  Good to hear from you.  I would love to see a picture of your new knit top.  I am going to try to find the pattern online so I can see what you made.  I will be making my first cowl neck top tomorrow.  I worked this afternoon revising my SFD knit top pattern to make it a cowl.  It was pretty tricky, but I think I've got it done.  We shall see.  And "DESM" stands for the highly technical term that I made up myself for losing weight:  Don't Eat So Much.  (-;  My waist will never be as small as yours, but it is 2 1/2 inches smaller than it was!

I'm off to read and relax for the rest of this evening.  Our friends, Robert and Deanna, came to visit a few weeks ago, and they brought a large bottle of Reunite Lambrusco for us.  It would be a shame to hurt their feelings and not drink it, so I shall enjoy a glass while I read!

Hope you all had an enjoyable day off today as did Phylly and I.  Day one of 2013 is passing fast.  Looks like congress is going to continue to argue and do nothing FOREVER!!!  But that doesn't affect us.  God is our source, our refuge, our comforter, our supplier, our promoter and our everything!  He isn't affected by our puny little government.  He is the great creator of all the heavens and all the planets and all the universes.  My faith, my hope and my trust is in Him! 

Now, I must get in my jammies -- pour my glass of wine -- settle in my glider chair with matching glider footstool and R E L A X !

Hugs, Joy

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  1. I fixed a really quick dinner and told the guys the dishes were theirs--literally. They were home all day and left the dirty dishes for me. No,no! I crashed while they did the dishes. I slept for an hour and have played on the iPad ever since. It needs to charge, so I guess it's time to do something else.

    Hugs, Phylly


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