Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Orange Hair and Buttonhole Warning!

I really should be outside PLAYING.  It is so pretty out there today.  I have the air conditioner on in my sewing room. 

The problem with me being out in the sunshine is that my dyed hair wants to turn orange.  I HATE that!  My hair is supposed to be dark brown, but it hardly is ever that color these days.  I dye it brown, and it turns the color of straw or orange.  I'll be glad when I have all white hair, like my Mom.  She has the PRETTIEST hair!  Of course, she has about 10 times more hair than I do.

Actually, I take that back on the all-white hair.  Please, God!  I didn't mean it!  I feel like an antique as it is.  Every time I download a picture of myself, I have another chin.

Isn't it weird though how the genes get spread around in a family?  There are four of us kids.  Three girls and one boy.  We have FOUR different kinds of hair.

Judy has thin, curly hair.

I have thin, super-straight-as-a-poker hair!

Janice has extremely thick straight hair that feels like wire.  She has to have it thinned out!

My brother has super thick, curly hair.

If you would throw all of those hair genes in a big bowl -- stir them up real good -- and put 1/4th on each of our heads, I bet it would be PERFECT!!!

I don't know how I get off on these subjects.  Things just pop into my head. 

I finished my rooster blouse today.  Here is a picture of it all finished.  It is in the washing machine right now having all the marks dissolved -- I hope!!!  I actually made a Silhouette pattern and am keeping two blouses from it!  I think once you understand Peggy Sager's "special" way of thinking, you can use the patterns with success.

And I probably should tell you this.  I was listening to an old video of hers earlier today because I can't get the replay from last night, and she was talking about buttonholes.  She said she CRINGES whenever she sees buttonholes going the wrong way on women's blouses.

Since her buttonholes are always drawn vertically -- and I always sew mine horizontally -- I decided I must be breaking the law of buttonholes.

Therefore, I put the buttonholes in this blouse vertically.  Guess I will have to throw away all those other blouses so I don't get arrested by the Buttonhole Police!

I better quit.  Need to clean up the huge mess in my sewing room AFTER I do do some exercises.


Hugs, Joy


  1. I love, love, love that fabric on you! The blouse turned out nice. I have bought one of Peggy's knit blouse patterns & have delayed starting it because I am a bit confused as to how to figure out which size I should make. Any suggestions since you have "now mastered her thinking."

  2. Oh I just remembered. The rule of thumb I heard regarding the direction of button holes is that if they go horizontal, and if you are busty, (which I am not - ha ha - so I don't EVER worry about the direction of my button holes) then if your blouse tends to be a wee bit too tight across the bust the buttons won't come undone under stress like they would if they were vertical. I know most women's blouses have the button holes going vertical though. I guess you can do an experiment with this blouse as well as you others with the button holes going horizontally to see which holds you boobs in better!!!!! Ha Ha

    1. AARRGGHH!!!!

      I just wrote a 3 paragraph response to you, Tina, and when I pushed "Publish" I got a message that says: "Comment should not be empty".

      I will post it in today's blog post.
      Hugs, Joy

  3. Jackets and coats, men's and women's, always have horizontal button holes. Blouses and shirts have vertical ones--there is often a placket so horizontal doesn't fit well. HOWEVER, I prefer horizontal buttonholes on my blouses, unless there is a placket. Yes, I am busty and I like that little extra lee-way.

    Sheila GA


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