Thursday, January 3, 2013

Size 12 Skinny Jeans and a Movie

I suppose that the average woman wouldn't get too excited over Size 12 Skinny Jeans, but since I was not-so-very-long-ago wearing Size 16 Jeans, it is really exciting to me.  PLUS, I was SUPPOSE to be at Walmart buying toilet paper and tissues, and that just did not sound exciting at all!  Jerry shouldn't leave me alone for so long! 

I have discovered another new truth today.  It appears that the saying "the more you pay, the smaller the size" is actually true.  The Size 12 Jones of NY Skinny Jeans were on a sale rack marked down from $135 to $45.  Therefore, I took a chance and tried them on.  They fit me with room to spare, so I was extra delighted. 

I bought two pair -- the only two they had left.  I also found some $60 Chaus tops for only $14, so I bought those also.

Let me just say real fast, my jeans are NOT THAT TIGHT!!!  Great Grandmas can't dress like that, and if they do, they shouldn't!

This gives me a real good reason to QUIT losing weight.  I sure don't want to have to buy more clothes.  So now, I can just maintain.  We will see how I do in 2013.

A Movie:

You all know that Jerry and I do NOT go to movies unless they are on the tv screen in our living room.  We like to watch in our jammies -- with our feet up on the table -- under a coochy blanket -- drinking a glass of something, etc.  I haven't been to a movie theater in 10 years probably. 

So I was just sitting here at this very computer, minding my own business, when my daughter texted me yesterday.  The text said, "Do you want to go to dinner and a movie with Jacob (my gs) and me?" 

I texted back, "Sure!"

I still had the Christmas gift cards from our employees for Longhorn, so I paid for nice dinners for us.  Then my daughter paid for the movie.  It is a good thing too because I probably would have fainted dead on the floor when I saw the bill!  I won't complain about the cost of Netflix anymore!

My daughter picked the movie.  She said it had Barbra Streisand in it.  I was really afraid that it would be some politically correct piece of crap that I would have to get up and leave, BUT it wasn't at all!!!  It was about a mother and her son, and it was really sweet and fun.  It was called something about a Road Trip.

I'm not sure Jacob could tell you a single scene from the movie as he spent the ENTIRE movie texting on his phone.  He even was texting while driving us home, and I told him to PUT THE PHONE DOWN or stop and let me out of the car! 

No wonder he has been in so many wrecks.  I think they should be outlawed for teens all together.  They are dangerous and fry their brains from lack of doing anything else. 

Can a teen even carry on a conversation in actual words anymore???  They should not be allowed to have a text-phone until they are 21! 

I better get off this computer and go out to the mailbox.  The mailman comes really late in this neighborhood.  I am expecting my new Threads magazine and my new Vogue magazine.  I will be relaxing very soon in my jammies and my slippers.  I still have to decide what to do with those three chicken breasts though!

Until soon,


  1. So, did you get your Threads and Vogue magazines? If you didn't, I can lend you mine.

    Now, the bigger question: Will my comment actually post?

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. I like this jeans ideas pretty much. these are stylish.


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