Sunday, February 17, 2013

Almost Midnight and Unleavened Bread

Yep.  I'm sitting up in bed at 10 minutes to midnight wide awake.  Guess you know what I drank for lunch today -- iced tea.  Unbelievable how it keeps me awake 12 hours after I drink it.

I did go to Cornerstone Church this morning via the internet.  The subject was The Feast of Unleavened Bread and its meaning.  It was very interesting.  John Hagee is really knowledgeable about the Bible and how the Old Testament was an example or lesson or shadow of the New Testament.

The yeast in the bread represents sin.  The lesson is that just a tiny bit of yeast can affect a very large amount of dough.  It goes all through it causing significant changes in it.  During the Feast, it was imperative that every grain of yeast was removed from the house, and the whole family made a big ordeal out of it, even going through the house with a feather to brush away any tiny bit that may be hiding somewhere. 

And, of course, sin is like that.  There is no such thing as just a little sin.  One cannot willingly sin just a little bit, and the rest of their mind, soul and body not be affected. 

I have often wondered if there was a scripture in the Bible about tattoos.  Pastor Hagee actually quoted the scripture this morning, and I was really surprised to hear it.  It is Leviticus 19:28.  If God didn't like it then, I'm sure He doesn't like it now.  I was taught by my parents that it was heathen to get piercings or tattoos.  Of course, when I grew up, everything was a sin:  playing cards, swimming if a boy was anywhere around, dancing, movies, television, skating if a boy was anywhere around, any kind of after-school activity if a boy was anywhere around, breathing if a boy was anywhere around!

I feel bad for having my ears pierced now!  Thank God, I can be forgiven even if God really hates that.

When I was 14 or 15, I was next door at my best friend's house.  I was over there a lot on the weekends.  Her name was Kathy Johnson.  Her Mom was the prettiest woman I had ever seen.  She showed us a picture of herself one time that the soldiers used to hang in their lockers.  She was wearing a sweater and shorts in the picture -- very 50's.  Her name was Mabel.  That particular day, Mabel and Kathy were going to go see an Elvis movie.  They asked me to go.  I knew my Mother would not allow it, but for some reason, I went with them anyway.  Mom and Dad must have been gone that afternoon.  I guess I didn't think my Mother would find out, and after all, Kathy's Mom was going to take us.  I guess I figured Mabel would get in trouble instead of me.  I had NEVER been to a movie.  I wasn't allowed to watch TV unless supervised by my parents, and then we could watch only Lawrence Welk and Carol Burnett.  And, hey!  I am NOT saying that is bad.  I wish all parents would supervise what their kids watch on TV.

We went to the movie theater.  We paid for our tickets, went inside, and we found our seats in about the center of the theater.  We were close to the aisle.  The movie started, and I was so excited.  I barely knew who Elvis was because, of course, I wasn't allowed to listen to his music.  So, there I was, sitting in my chair, next to Kathy and her Mom, watching the movie in the total silence and darkness except for the movie sounds when ALL OF A SUDDEN, I see flashlight beams flashing up and down the aisle next to where I was sitting.  I could hear voices whispering, but I couldn't tell what they were saying, and I could tell they were getting closer and closer.  It was very disruptive, and you couldn't help but notice.  Sure enough, they were looking for me.  It was my Mother and a theater "guard" walking down the aisle calling my name.  I COULD HAVE DIED!!!  It is a wonder I didn't.  I was SO EMBARRASSED!  My Mother grabbed me by the arm, and drug me out of the theater.

I guaranty you, I never did THAT again!

I think I am getting a little bit sleepy now.  I'm going to meet Phylly for lunch tomorrow, so it would be good if I was awake by then.

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC week and all is well in your world. 

Hugs, Joy


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  1. Oh, how embarrassing! One Saturday some friends and I went to see an Elvis movie. Knowing my parents wouldn't approve, I told them that I had seen (whatever the other movie was) and described the storyline to my mother.

    Today young people would probably get quite a laugh out of this, but it was a totally different time.


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