Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Stuff

I guess this is a good time to try out the NEW internet supplier here.  The young man they sent to hook it up today was a very smelly, scary-looking guy.  He was black -- not that that matters -- but he was dressed like the ones that make those awful videos -- his pants falling off and a scarf wrapped around his head and a knit cap on over that.  His clothes were dirty, and he wreaked of cigarettes.  I almost didn't let him in my house.  I can't believe he is the best a huge company like Cox Cable can come up with for an installer.  He was in a nice truck, and he had a Cox ID badge, so I let him in. 

So here I am -- on my laptop -- and the new internet is not only strong, it is STAYING ON!  We had AT&T, and it was horrible from day 1.  It was constantly going off, and we had to reset the box many times every day.  We called and called and called and called their so-called technicians.  Some conversations where over 2 hours long.

Nothing ever changed.

So did all my sewing friends see Gertie's latest blog?  She is writing two new books.  The first new book will be out Fall of 2014.  She is really amazing.

I am happy for her and all of her success, although I still can't get over all the tattoos on her formerly beautiful skin.  She now has an anchor tattooed on the top of each foot. And her gorgeous brunette hair is now bright PINK!

I want to cry every time I see her picture.

Phylly came to my house for lunch today.  That is because the smelly installer from Cox Cable was here this morning, and I wasn't sure when I could leave.  I fixed her a totally gourmet lunch of Chicken Noodle Soup and a Ham Sandwich.  I even let her have some of Jerry's valentine chocolates.

I'm sure she was overwhelmed by my culinary talent.

I better get.  I have to see if this new high speed internet works on Jerry's new 3D TV.  It works on everything else.  The hope is that when watching movies from Netflix, the people will no longer look like plastic dolls with blood in their hair.  If they do, I guess the TV will have to go back to Sony.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. I guess appearances can be deceiving! I agree with you about Gertie, though. She must have some hidden issues!


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