Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Anything But Ordinary -- Muslin #1 Wearable!

There it is.

Louise Cutting's pattern called "Anything but Ordinary".

I finished my FIRST muslin of the top (in green) today.  Can you see on the shoulder of the green blouse -- the one on the girl -- that there is a tab?  I never noticed it.  It is a really fun part of this blouse.  It actually is about the ONLY part of the blouse that I kept.

Changes I made:

I added a Upper Round Back and Sway Back correction.  I have to do that in everything I make.  That is why I sew.  Garments that fit are so comfortable to wear.  I HATE a garment I have to fiddle with all day long to keep it where it belongs on my body.

Neckline -- Made it a "V" instead of a circle.  I don't look good in round necks according to my Mother.  Pardon this dumb pose.  I never know where to put my hands so I don't cover up the blouse.

Sleeves -- I hate big sleeves that make my arms look like sticks, so I lapped the hem and buttoned it.

Bust Dart -- Since I make the "Small" in LC's patterns, I have a lot less ease than what she likes.  Therefore, Phylly and I both always have to put bust darts in her tops.  (You can see the bust dart above.)

Hemline -- I didn't like the maternity look I always seem to get in LC's patterns, so I added 2 pleats to the front hem.
And here is the best picture I got in an attempt to show you the cute tab and button.  The shoulder opens up so you can get it on easier.

I don't know if I will start another one of this style tomorrow, or start a whole new pattern.  Louise really likes mitered corners.  I can make the side vents without mitered corners, so I think I will do them the easy way on the next one. 

OH!  Another thing I have to change is the shoulder seam.  It is way too far back on me.  Relax-a-Little was the same way.  Phylly said she had to move it forward also.

Gotta get. 

I'm running out of steam, and still have things to do before I get into my pj's and slippers and fix a cup of hot DEcaf tea.  

The tea is Phylly's fault.  I have to do everything she does, you know, and she loves tea.  Not just ANY tea.  The fancy kind you order from the internet, and it costs so much, you BETTER drink it!  

Actually, my Mother is from New England -- Boston, MA -- and she has always loved hot tea.  We had it served with many a meal in beautiful tea cups and saucers.  She would have a fit and a half if she was served a cup of tea or coffee in a mug.  As far as I'm concerned, the bigger the mug, the better!

Hugs, Joy


  1. I love your top! That first photo--the one you told us to ignore--looks like you're reaching for 2 six-shooters. Interesting.

  2. May I ask why you always make your tops so short? They would look so much better on you if they were longer. You sew beautifully and use lovely fabrics but the proportions just look wrong on you and ruin the look. I have thought this for a while and just had to ask. It is meant as constructive criticism so I hope it doesn't offend.

  3. It has to do with the 1/3, 2/3 thing, I suppose. Have you read Peggy's book about proportions? It talks about thirds and fifths, and I get confused reading it.

    Really, I think I look frumpy in long tops. I don't like my pockets covered either. I like my tops to end ABOVE the widest part of me. I also don't like to sit on my tops. The Box Top needs to be longer, I agree, as it is a jacket. It needs to come below the hem of my blouse. I think it has something to do with my sway back also. Long tops won't behave in the back.

    You have sparked my curiosity, however, and I will have to take some pics both ways to see if you are right. I appreciate your comment, and I am not at all offended. Guess I better dig out that book too.

    Hugs, Joy

  4. How do you adjust pattern for your rounded back. Love your extra details.

    1. If you will look in the right-hand column of this blog, you will find a tutorial on rounded back. Phylly and I made a couple videos about it.

      Hugs, Joy

  5. Your mother is wrong; you look good in round neck blouses. If your face was round you would want a V-neck to contrast with the roundness, but your face is not round. It could be our FBA that gives the maternity look.

    I'm still itching and still don't know why!

    Hugs, Phylly

  6. Love your top and you look wonderful in them! I have to say all your tops are lovely,you sew beautifully!!!


    1. Thank you, Sharlene!

      I am on Muslin #2 of this top now. I will have it done tomorrow. I am EXCITED about this blouse now because my husband actually NOTICED it, and said, "That is a pretty blouse. It looks good on you."

      Well, after my dead faint to the floor, I decided to work on the paper pattern some more, and start the next muslin. I should have pics tomorrow.

      Hugs, Joy


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