Saturday, March 2, 2013

CLD "My Swing Set" Pants All Done

If you have ever tried to take pictures of clothing, you know how nearly impossible it is to get them to behave for a picture.  Fabric just won't stay in a perfect position.  I must have taken 50 pictures just to get a few decent enough to use here.  The pants look really good, but they just don't want to pose for pictures.
I've tried standing every way but on my head, but nothing I do makes my stomach look any smaller.  Guess I better get back on a serious DESM diet.

Plus, I have a crooked back due to a bit of Scoliosis.  If my pants look like they are falling down on one side, it is because they ARE!

Just turn your head a little, and they might look a little straighter.

You can easily see my HIGH hip, and my LOW hip.  This is why I make pants.  Nobody out there makes RTW pants going downhill.

Maybe I should start my own pattern company.  Call it "Patterns for the Horizontally-Challenged".

I also have one hip that is fuller than the other.  BUT, my boobs are the same!  Everyone can't claim that.

So would you like to see my finished Louise Cutting, My Swing Set pants? 

Kathryn requested yesterday that I please put on a pair of shoes so I don't look quite so much like a hobo.  (LOL.  My loose interpretation of what she really said.)  Forgive the brown shoes.  Those are the only ones here that have any kind of a heel.  THEREFORE, I have gone to and ordered about 10 pair to try on.  I wanted red, but red was very limited.  So, I ordered all black. 

I want to show you how nice the elastic is when it is all done.  You have to WASH it or STEAM it to get it to shrivel up and look this pretty.

And after looking at these photos, I decided that a sharp, straight line across the widest part of my tummy is NOT a good look. 

Hence I went to my closet and got my Peggy Sager's shirt.  I love the hemline on this one. 

I know Peggy is the "black sheep" of the independent pattern makers, but I still like her patterns -- errors and all. 

The NUMBER ONE reason I like her patterns is that they have B, C and D bust choices.  Now that I have figured out how to deal with the armhole/sleeve issues, I think I can make more of them.  I'll keep you posted on that.

I need to clean up the huge mess in this sewing room, so I better get started.

I almost forgot.  IF anyone is interested, I made a little video today showing how to sew the elastic inside the casing.  I used Louise's elastic which is really soft and nice for this application.  I wore the pants for about an hour, and the waistband was SUPER comfortable, and it did not turn over onto inself at all.  Nothing short of a miracle!

Here is the elastic video if there are any newbies out there.  I am gonig to REdo this on the next pair of pants, and try to position the camera so I get a clear focus on the waistband instead of the tissue box.

I've gotta get busy cleaning up this place.  I may tell you tomorrow about a book I'm reading that Margaret gave me.  It's a true story.

Happy Sewing or Whatever Else You Do!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy, how sweet of you to put on a pair of shoes for me--and you could NEVER look like a hobo, shoes or not. You're simply too stylish for that. :) Your pants fit so perfectly that you should quickly make up a dozen or so of them! Congrats on doing such a wonderful job. And thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Newbie here- you have done one knockout piece of fitting with those pants. And I love that Peggy Sayer's blouse!

  3. Yes, but it's a pretty facial tissue box!

    There's nary a fitting wrinkle on those pants--wow! I once wore red pants and my neighbor keep saying Red? I didn't understand what she meant. We want our pants to look different from each other, right?

  4. Love these - Perfect Pants! What kind of fabric did you use?

  5. Wow those look great, beautiful fit. Love the red also. I love CLD One Seams and made numerous pairs.....are these different? They appear to be the One Seams with the invisible side pocket. Just curious to know if I will be needing to purchase another pattern from Louise. You mentioned Peggy Sagers being the 'black sheep'. I have many of her patterns and despite have to alter heavily due to my size, I like them. May I ask why she is the 'black sheep'?

  6. I just wrote a book here answering your question, garnet128, but it flew off into outer space before I could post it. AARRGGHH!!!

    My problem with Peggy is all the errors in her book and the mistakes I have found in her pattern drawings and instructions. I still like her very much, and I appreciate all her free videos. I believe she is truly sincere and believes what she says is accurate. I have had many back-and-forth emails with her explaining all the errors. Her response has always been, "I know, but I don't care." THAT is what bugs me. Why doesn't she correct the errors?!

    As to being the "black sheep": Without saying who said what, I'll just say I have spoken to two pattern-makers about her just because I happened to be talking about one of her patterns or was wearing one, and they had very derogatory things to say about her or her patterns. I was quite shocked at some of the comments. Without Peggy able to defend herself, I won't repeat what was said.

    Thanks for commenting. And, yes, Louise has a new pant pattern. It is called "My Swing Set".

    Hugs, Joy

  7. Joy, thank you so much for answering my questions. I have noticed that same thing about Peggy...she likes to brush erroneous matters off like they don't exist. That being said, I love anything to do with sewing and especially appreciate her videos although they honestly dont help me much. As previously mentioned, I have to alter patterns so much due to my large size that I frequently have to go down my own path of construction (or destruction in some cases..haha). She will not be at the Atlanta Sewing and Quilt Expo this year...I have gone for many years and was surprised by this and have been unable to find out why.

    On a better note...I have been following you for quite some time because of Glenda and Sure Fit Design. I have to say that I have had the whole SFD package for probably 2 years now and still have not done much with it. I honestly keep forgetting about it.

    Your happiness and lovely spirit come through in your blog. Thank you.

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