Friday, March 1, 2013

LC "Swing Set" Pants and Now, I Like My Blouse

Yeah.  Isn't that crazy?  I washed, ironed and hung up my LC RAL blouse yesterday.  This morning, after my shower, I saw it hanging all nice and new right there in front of my unmadeup face and wet hair.  It looked pretty nice looking at just the sliver showing through the other clothing.  I thought to myself, "I think I'll look again for a long-sleeved white tee, and try that shirt on again."

I found a v-neck tee, although I wanted a round neck tee.  I dried my hair and half-way fixed my face.  Without some heavy duty hike-up tape, I really can't do much with it these days.  Then I put the white tee on and my new LC RAL blouse on top of that.  Phylly-style.

I did one thing different though.  I left the top button UNbuttoned.  All of a sudden, it felt totally different.  The neck opened up more and it looked a lot better.  Muslin #5 will have a much lower top button.  I will also lengthen it a bit.

I wore it most of the day until I got deep into my next LC project:  The "My Swing Set" pants.  The rest of the day was all about the pants.  Most of the ladies in the class I went to a few weeks ago made these pants.  They were a brand new pattern -- not even out yet -- and LC had brought a blueprint copy for each of us to try.  She helped each one of us with the fitting.  She helped me with mine, but I just folded up the paper pieces and brought them home.  I watched one lady after another model her pants for a fit-check by LC, and I was amazed at how great the crotch fit all of them. 

Well, by some amazing twist of fate, the crotch fits me great too.  But guess what?????  I compared my SFD pants (remember the 3 pair of camouflage pants I made?) pattern to the LC pattern, and the legs and the crotch were practically identical.  I knew these were going to fit me.  Glenda would be proud.

Here are a couple PRELIMINARY pictures of the pants.  I had the elastic casing just folded over the elastic at the top to check the fit.  I was very pleasantly surprised at how good the fit was without any adjustments at all.

I have NEVER had the crotch in the back from a commercial pattern look this good. 

I am debating whether I need to scoop or not.  I'm afraid to mess up a good thing!

Louise says she uses the "European" crotch.  I don't see why everyone doesn't use the same crotch.  What's with that?  Are crotches different according to your nationality?  I am mostly of German descent, so I guess European would be right for me.

These are a bit long.  I don't usually mind long, but with the slit in the side hem, they would look better shorter.  Next time.

Notice the pockets in this pattern.  I love them!  Only one layer, and it is sewn to the front.  Hard to even see without my hands in them. 

I'll finish these tomorrow and post a picture of them all done.  Then I guess I need to do a review.  Phylly says some ladies are having issues with this pattern over at Stitcher's Guild. 

Have a MARVELOUS weekend, my friends!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy those look great. I wouldn't scoop - they're perfect. I love the red. My next pair will have pockets!

  2. Great colour and the fit in the back looks good to me.

    Want to make me a pair that look that good ?? :)


  3. Those red pants suit you to a "T", Joy. You're going to have fun pairing them with all of your lovely tops. I hope the final pictures have your legs closer together and you wearing shoes so we can get an idea of how the pants look with that stance as well. Keep up the good work!

  4. LOL Kathryn,

    I was taking these pictures to check the CROTCH since I have had so many problems with that in pants-making. I think most women do. I'll try to get some "normal" pics later today. I think I said at SG that these were not finished yet.

    Thanks for commenting.

    Hugs, Joy

  5. Joy Joy, They are gorgeous! Don't you dare scoop that crotch; it is perfect as it is! The RAL top looks good, too. Its amazing how much better things look a day or two later. I always found that with quilts. I'd finish it up and take it off the machine. Fold it up and put it in the guest room. Then when I knew the customer was coming to pick it up I'd spread it out on the guest bed and step back to see if I'd missed trimming a thread. Then I'd think, "I did that? It's gorgeous. The quilting elves must have worked their magic while it was in the guest room." I just put the buttonholes in your rejected 1st RAL muslin. I was in awe at how beautifully you stitched it. Don't look too closely at my buttonholes.

    Kids will be here in a minute. (Sigh!)
    Hugs, Phylly

  6. Great pants -- love the color.

  7. Joy, your red pants fit perfectly!!!


  8. Your pants are beautiful, Joy! I've been making these elastic waistbands on and off for the past 30-some years and you are absolutely right about the elastic. It's imperative to buy the "right" elastic to get the gathered effect and LC's works beautifully. Of course LC's elastic wasn't around when I was sewing these waistbands on my babies' pull-on pants. Then, I used Stretch and Sew's 'sport' elastic. For babies, the 1-inch width worked well. Anyway...

    Great job, as usual!


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