Monday, March 18, 2013

Muslin #7 and Sermon Notes

Believe it or not, I just finished muslin #7 of My Heart's Aflutter, and it STILL is too high in the front.  I don't get that!  I did a full 1 1/4" (total allowed per LC) FBA, PLUS I added some more to the length of the front.  Crazy!  I took pictures, but I never could get one where the hem looked level and straight, so I decided to do this short video just for myself.  I'm sharing it with whoever cares, which is probably nobody, lol.

I am going to do ONE MORE MUSLIN.  I made this video for MYSELF, but you can watch it if you like.  I was trying to see if the front of this blouse was STILL pulling up on me.  It looks like it still is.  More tomorrow, or the next day.  I'm still sewing.
I had one big emergency with this version.  You can imagine after changing the paper pattern SEVEN times, it looked like it was ready for major surgery or the dump, one.  I got the not-so-brilliant idea to iron some of the cheap Hancock's Pellon interfacing to the back of the paper to stabilize it. 

Well guess what that did to my pattern?????????????????  Can you guess?

It wasn't so bad on the main pieces, but the interfacing caused the facings to shrink so much, that they could not even be applied.  I had to redraw and recut all the facings.  AARRGGHH!!!  Wish I had thunk of that!
No, I didn't forget sermon notes.  The sermon was about the Feast of Trumpets, and it was very good.  I would love for you to hear it.  Taking time to know our God is the most important thing of all. 
The sermon was about the word "rapture" not being in the Bible, and about the actual rapture of the church possibly happening any moment.
My Mother has been telling me all my life that she is going to go in the rapture.  She is 85 and refuses to buy the plot at the graveyard next to Daddy or to make any kind of arrangements.  I fought until my fought was worn out, and I gave up.  I hope she is right, and I am wrong.
Better go.  DANCING WITH THE STARS starts again tonight.  Our very favorite show!
Hugs, Joy


  1. When I click on the arrow it says; "This video is private"

    1. Sorry about that. I fixed it. You didn't miss much.
      Hugs, Joy

  2. Watch your video and see if where it hikes up in front is only along the bottom or does it also seem to do it along the main body piece intersection with the bottom panel? It looks like from the video that the main piece is level but the bottom panel is hiking up. Perhaps you can add to bottom panel only and not the main front pattern piece? Hopefully this makes sense. Marian in Texas

  3. Joy, could you show us your overlay when you do your morph? It would be interesting to see the difference. Barb

  4. Hey Joy, I meant to mention, I love your star quilt on the wall!

  5. I remember watching one of Peggy's videos; her comment, you don't need a FBA but you need to shorten the back. Don't know if that would work or not but it would be an interesting experiment. It seems to me it would make some of the hem on the bias.

  6. Hello Joy, I enjoy peeking at your blog, it was after seeing you on the pants Youtube I came across your blog. I have looked at your little video above and I wonder something. When I look at the back you seem to keep pulling it down and it does seem as if it is perhaps a tad too small at the hem level. Maybe if you undo the side seams about 4 inches or so and see if that helps. I t could be that because the hem is tight it is pulling from the shoulder and then pulling up at the front.

    I made something and I thought the front neck was too high, and it turned out to be the back that was pulling the front up and the problem showed at the front neck.

    Hope this might help.

    Cynthia in UK

  7. I think your amount for the FBA is fine. Try adding length to the front by adding a wedge horizontally at the center front and tapering to nothing at the side seam somewhere in the tummy area.

  8. To comment on the comments:
    I DID add a wedge shape addition to the bottom of the blouse. It actually worked great in the last "muslin". Different fabrics are so different. And, yes, I could put a bit more room in the hip. I'll do that on the next one.

    Actually, I think what happened with this is that the pattern paper of the front and back -- with all the alterations -- shrunk after I ironed on the interfacing to beef it up. I will do another "muslin" soon.

    Thanks for all the comments!

    Hugs, Joy


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