Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Phone Message, SFD Sunflower Blouse and SFD Jean Pockets

Helloooooooooooooooo  friends!  How are all of you this MARVELOUS Monday? 

My Monday morning started out really crazy.  My husband walked upstairs to hand me my cell phone which evidently, rang while it was down and I was up.

When I hear a phone ring, I LEAP up from my chair and I DASH LIKE MAD to get the phone before the caller gives up.

Jerry isn't like that.  His "leap" button has been malfunctioning for years.  Actually, I'm not sure he ever had one installed at all.

He hands me the phone without speaking.  I say, "Did it ring?"  He says, "Yes", and he leaves.

I check the phone and find that there is a message from a number I do not recognize.  I decide to listen to the message.  That is when this morning went crazy, and I went into PANIC mode.

This was the message -- condensed -- and remember, we have two homes, 150 miles apart:

"This is John, your neighbor, and I am calling to tell you about a LITTLE something that may or may not be going on at your house and about some issues that were conveyed to me by a neighbor who may or may not be that upset, but I thought -- that just maybe -- you might want to know ...."

WHAT IS WITH MEN!!!!  Why can't they just SAY whatever it is!!!

And John went on:

"but I don't want to cause any alarm or anything, but there seems to be a leak in your back yard and the green belt and the lawn of the neighbor behind your house are very soggy and muddy, and he may or may not be concerned and upset that there probably is -- but may not be -- a leak in your yard that is coming over into his yard -- and I thought you might want to know -- but I don't want to upset you....but I noticed when I walk my dog that the green belt behind your house is very soggy..."

And by this time, I am getting more and more upset, and wishing the message would end BEFORE I am a hundred, and I can get on with solving the problem, but the message continued:

"and there is one other thing that may be minor -- or major -- but I'm not sure -- but I thought I should tell you, and that is about a tree -- or maybe two trees -- but I think just one -- in your back yard that got frozen in the ice storm last week, and a branch -- or maybe two -- I'm not sure -- got broken off -- and then there MAY be another branch that broke off and fell over the fence.  My yard had a lot of damaged trees, and we lost one entirely, and I had the man you recommended to us last year -- somebody Buck -- come and cut our tree down, and he went into your yard, and he cut one branch off -- or maybe it was two -- or maybe not -- and I'm not sure he will charge you -- but I thought he should go over there -- but maybe you should call him -- and then you may want to have him come back to your house because he said that tree was in really bad shape and needs to come out ..."

I ALMOST hung the phone up and screamed at this point, but I let the message continue:

"and, btw, I am not at home -- I am somewhere else (No Kidding!) -- and you probably shouldn't even call me back, unless, of course, you feel like you need to call me back, but I've really told you all I know, and I think you should call someone else about that leak and the tree..."

And THAT was all I could take.

As far as I know, the message goes on for an hour.  What happened next, is really crazy, and it is the very kind of thing that always gets my mouth and me into trouble. 

I went half-way down the stairs, and I was leaning over the staircase railing yelling into Jerry's office about the message, and I was saying, "John, the neighbor called, and he, OBVIOUSLY, does NOT want to be bothered anymore by this...", and all of a sudden, I hear John's voice saying, "Hello, Hello, Helloooooooo" over my cell phone!

SOMEHOW, my hip had hit the "call back" button, and John -- who didn't want to be bothered -- was now on the phone.  I HOPE he didn't hear what I was screaming at Jerry.  (Screaming because of the distance -- not because I was mad -- except about the neverending message.)

I had Jerry call the sprinkler repairman while I called the Water Department.  Then I called Phylly at work, and I asked her to please go to my house and unplug the water sprinkler system, which she did.  I was packing and getting ready to dash up there to our other house, when all of a sudden, it dawned on me that I didn't want to go.  I went in to talk to Jerry, and I told him that now that the water was OFF, and the neighbors would probably not drown, he could go after work today.  He agreed, and said he thought he should go to start with. 

So I am here alone.  Phylly is back at the office.  Jerry is either on his way or not on his way, and I don't want to know. 

I DID make a video for you this morning though.  Well, actually it is for the lady that asked about pockets, but you can watch it if you want to.  It is also for me to see my latest muslin in a LONGER length with buttons that look like they belong on a child's playsuit so I can decide if I need to rip them off or leave them on.

I am wearing my SFD jeans pattern pants.  I made them over a year ago, so they are quite baggy in places.  They match my sunflowers perfectly though, so I am wearing them.

And here is a still picture I took this morning.  My blouse behaved pretty well for it.  I've decided to keep the buttons.  Can you see my button boo-boo???  One should be at apex level, but I wanted five buttons, so I couldn't arrange it that way.  Somewhere -- sometime -- in my life, someone told me you are supposed to have an uneven number of stuff.  AND, the two top buttons would have been awfully far apart.

And for those of you who may not know, you can learn all you want to know about Sure-fit Designs™ (SFD) at  The owner is Glenda Sparling, and she is the nicest, most helpful person you will ever do business with. 

Now, I have to get busy doing something.  Haven't decided what yet, but I will think of something.

Have a great day!

Hugs, Joy


  1. You are delightful.
    I've been thinking about trying SFD. You certainly have wonderful things to say about the system. What is the difference between SFD and other fitting systems?

    Thank you, from Canada.

    1. Hi Mary,

      I have not tried other fitting systems, so I can't talk about them. Actually, I did try one 25 years ago, and Glenda's system is practically a carbon copy of it. She says they are not affiliated, however. That guy is no longer in business. I wasn't having fit problems in those days like I am now. I could make a regular pattern fit pretty well. I didn't use the first system at all. I gave it away years ago to the Salvation Army, and was totally surprised to find last Summer that my MIL had rescued it from the S.A. bag, and I found it in her closet. That is when I compared it to Glenda's system. I have a lot more time these days -- as I'm not raising two little girls and working full time -- for the "blueprint" process, and I really enjoy it.

      Glenda has dozens of free videos at her website if you are interested in knowing more about it.

      Hugs, Joy

  2. Joy you are amazing!!love the video, blouse and pants they look great and I still like your buttons!! I hope I can get my SFD blueprint to fit as good as yours.

    Well you sure had a "Crazy Monday"!!!



  3. I looked thru my SFD pants book and I don't have jeans or that patch, inseam pocket in my book. My book is date 1991. I knew it was old. It only has 20 pages total. I'll have to look thru some of my books or patterns to see how to draft the pocket. I think it has something to do with tracing the front?

    Thanks for making the video. I like your pants. I actually like mine a little loose like that. My plan is to make a pair, figure out the front pockets, put in a fly front and make welt pockets in the back. I could tell if you had a yoke on yours or not, but I haven't figured that out either.

    I have the Silhouette jeans pattern, but I know it won't fit without changes. longer rise - that's the main issue, but never long enough in the legs - that's easy to fix.

    planning on watching the PS video webcast tonight. She's doing it on pants. I have to watch it because she never responds to emails. or at least MY emails.

    Glenda, on the other hand, is a doll! She always gets back to me.

    cute top with those brown pants, but I agree - I like it a little shorter. It's more figure flattering..............

  4. Oh.....I think short is better! Somehow seeing the dark of the pants makes you look taller.



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