Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Notes and Sunflower Blouse

Today is Sunday, so we went to internet church this morning as we always do.  I LOVE that we can do that! 

Hagee's message today was "The Cross".  The scripture reference was Galatians 6:14 where Paul said, "But may it never be that I should boast, except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ...". 

Hagee talked about so many churches having their traditions and their statues and their vain repetitions, BUT there is no way that one can be saved but through the cross.  Not the cross plus praying to a preist -- not the cross plus praying to a statue -- not the cross plus repeating sentences over and over -- not the cross plus circumcision -- not the cross plus good deeds.

Those are Hagee's words -- not mine. 

These are mine:  Paul had the most amazing transformation, don't you think?  Riding along the road on his way to torment or kill christians, and is knocked off his donkey.  Then Jesus, Himself, SPEAKS to Paul.  Wow!  I wish it could happen like that to some members of my family and some I know that say, "There is NO God!"  Paul's life after that was so completely, totally, 100% reversed from what it had been, that I don't know how people can't believe.  What else could change an evil man into a Godly man so thoroughly?  And the same with the disciples.  If they didn't believe what they said they did -- about the death and resurrection of Christ -- they sure did endure a lot of suffering and horrendous deaths for nothing.

So, yes, I agree.  The cross was ENOUGH.  That is why God sent Jesus, and it is why Jesus agreed to come.  Because it was enough, and it was the only way for sinful man to ever approach a Holy God directly.

After church, I sewed up a NEW SFD blueprint.  I decided after TWO failures of the embroidered sleeveless blouse, that I needed to start over.  The pattern I was using was made when I was 10 pounds heavier, and the bust dart in it was gigantic.  Part of the dart was from when I narrowed the neck opening and moved it into the dart.  Bad idea!    When I made up the new pattern yesterday, the new dart was 1/2 the size of the previous one.

THEN I decided to make a cap sleeve since Peggy Sagers just takes scissors and cuts across the sleeve, and she says it is super simple and any moron can do it. 

So I tried it using the stylus and being VERY careful.  Here is how I drew it on the top of Glenda's dress kit woven sleeve.  It looked okay to me other than one side seam being a bit longer.  I later corrected that.

I used my new cap sleeve pattern and cut two out.

I decided to just make a narrow 3/8" hem until I figured out if it was going to work or not.

It still looked okay to me at this stage, and after all, it was a lot more scientific than just taking a pair of scissors and slashing a short sleeve length like PS does in her video.



I gathered the top of the cap sleeves and sewed the side seams and hemmed them. 

I NOW noticed this strange shape at the side seam under the arm.  It was a point.  I decided it would probably go away once put into the blouse, so I continued.

I did go ahead and sew this into the blouse, but it looked really bazaar.

You could see the seam inside, and that point part just flopped around.  I was too mad and too sad to even take a pic at that point. 

I ripped the cap sleeve off the blouse, and I cut out two short sleeves.

Hopefully, I will learn how to do the cap style correctly, and I can try again.  I did look in all of my Glenda publications, and I did not find it.

This blouse is Muslin #1 of the NEW blueprint from the SFD Dress Kit, which, of course, is always a blouse for me.  The fabric is older than my granddaughter who is 16, and the buttons may be older than that.  The thread was on one of those ancient spools that you used to pay a quarter for, so it was probably as old as my daughter.  It will be a wonder if this blouse doesn't fall apart in the washing machine!

I tried it on, but wasn't in the mood to model.  I was still mad about the sleeve flop.  WHY is styling so hard for me???

It looked fine on Lucy, so I took a couple quick shots on her.

I haven't decided if the sunflower buttons look HORRIBLE or DARLING.  At first, I thought they looked ridiculous, but then I thought to myself, "If they don't look good on this blouse, what blouse will they EVER look good on????"  So I made giant buttonholes, and applied the buttons. 


And here is the back.  The fit is PERFECT!  Not so much fullness in the front around the bust.  No embroidery since this is a print, but maybe the next one.

Someone asked me about pockets -- the kind you put in jeans.  I found the directions for the "inset pocket" on Pages 22 and 23 of the Pants Kit Book.  Hope that helps.

I'm heading down to find something to put on the grill for supper. 

Happy sewing, gardening, cooking or whatever you like to do. 

Spring has SPRUNG!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy - you amaze me! I so wish I could make a pattern and complete the blouse in one day! So envious of your talents.

    I like the buttons - they are cute. I think they would look great on a solid blouse with a contrasting band to show them off.

    Thank you for sharing your sermon today. I look to Paul often to remind me of what changes can be accomplished with faith.

    Your sewing friend from NM - Debora

    1. Hi Debora!

      I am sure a lot of people run away as fast as a scared rabbit at my sermon notes, but this is my blog, and I am a Christian first -- seamstress second. That's just the way it is, and I am very proud to say it!

      Hugs, Joy

  2. Joy I love your blouse and buttons you are such an inspiration. I have just started using SFD, I have the Dress/Shirt/Pant Kits and I love them the fit is awesome!! Thanks for sharing your sermon notes!!!

    Happy Spring!!!


    1. Thank you, Sharlene.

      You will love SFD. I really enjoy the blueprint part. I think that is why I keep starting over.

      Hugs, Joy

  3. Joy,

    I'll see if I can find the directions in my pants book, but it's pretty old.

    Don't beat yourself up because you can't do in a few minutes what it took PS a few years to learn. Sure it's easy (for her) - She does this all the time. I think she may have forgotten that she wasn't born knowing this stuff.

    I fly airplanes as a hobby and I think that's easy, but I still remember learning and IT WASN'T SO EASY THEN!

    Personally I think your sewing videos are much easier to follow than some others who are great at sewing, but her production isn't quite as good. Maybe in person it would be better?

    I'm trying to sew a v-neck on the PS sweater set t-shirt and just can't get it to look right. I really don't like the 3/8 seam allowances on a knit. Knit is hard enough - much less when you're working with such little fabric. I reshaped the neckline to a V. I may have to make a facing and hope when I flip it to the inside it will look OK.

    Had to finish and file my tax forms today. YUK! The hubby and I are self-employed and that job always falls to me. It sure would be nice to pass that on to him for a change, but he says I do 'such a good job'. Yeh-right! we know what that means.

    I think your sunflower top is kinda cute. Good place for those buttons! If you're gonna do sunflowers you may as well DO SUNFLOWERS!

    1. Is that real airplanes or model airplanes? Sounds like a very fun and exciting hobby to me.

      I made a video of a knit v-neck. Have you seen it?

      Hugs, Joy

    2. That would be REAL airplanes. yes , much fun. growing up with a Dad who was a navy pilot and after WWII and Korea went into the Aviation business. bought and sold warbirds and aviation related instruments. My first ride was on someone's lap (I was told I was 18 months old) in the back seat of a BT-13. Been in love with it ever since. 4 brothers all pilots.

      Personally I have a Cherokee 160 - rather old - 4 seater. my brother has it down in Texas right now. Business got setback about 80% when they started sending work overseas. Avgas got a little expensive, so my brother volunteered to take my plane to his house (Texas) and do the annual inspection and take care of it for me until I was ready for it to come home. He was going to bring it back over Christmas, but the weather didn't allow for the long flight from Texas to Illinois.

      He has a few planes of his own. one of them is in Oklahoma getting some work done. He may bring that one here when it's ready. Another vintage WWII plane.

      I did not see you knit video. where can I find it? I got mine sewn this morning, but I'm still playing around with the neckline. I cut the crew neck down to form a v-neck and even after doing that it's STILL way high! I don't think I have issues with forward leaning shoulders but don't know how to tell on myself.

      Finally got the darts where I wanted them, but I also am not a big fan of sleeveless. at least not now - in cold weather with no tan. so I'm going to add the sweater sleeves to it. maybe 3/4 length.

      Once I get this done, I'm going to attempt another pair of surefit pants only I'm going to add pockets. somewhere - somehow. I did find some rather clear tutorials online this morning.

      Gonna take some time out and do my zumba. Trying to get back into my smaller sizes........... What doesn't kill me, hopefully will reduce my girth.

  4. Cute! Congratulations on acheiving the perfect fit!

    1. Oh, my, Sarah! This is a RAG compared to the beautiful garments you make. You are so elegant though, you need elegant garments. I'm a country hick, lol. I like to use up my ancient fabrics for muslins. Not sure if I will ever wear this one outside the "country" in my back yard.

      Thanks so much for commenting.

      Hugs, Joy


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