Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day One at Joyful Rehab and VLOG

Sad beyond words, the life of a drug addict.  Don has been taking TWENTY pills a day of the drug he was hooked on.  He wasn't too bad last night, but he had his pills yesterday.  When he walked into our house last night, he reached in his boot -- pulled out some pills and some of those strange cigarettes -- and he handed them to Jerry.  He ate dinner and was fairly normal last night.

BUT TODAY!!!  WHY, OH, WHY does a person do that to themselves??? 

One minute, he is dripping with sweat, peeling his clothes off, and saying he is about to melt.

The next minute he is shivering as though he is covered with ice, and he is putting on clothes and a hoodie and saying he is freezing. 

He says he wants to die.  He says he couldn't take enough of the pills to die, and he says the pills are "crap" when you can't take enough to die.

And the CIGARETTES!!!  One after the other, after the other, after the other.  My patio smells and looks like an inferno.  I smell like cigarettes.  My contacts have a smoky film over them.  He asked me at supper a bit ago if it was alright if he goes out on the patio and smokes after we are in bed.  His poor lungs aren't even going to get a break at night! 

You would think the fact that his body is so wondrously made that it has survived 21 of these episodes in the past (he told us that this morning), and is going through it again, would be proof enough to him that there really is a God.

SOMEHOW, Jerry and I are staying chipper and being as kind as we know how to be to Don.  I feed him and keep asking him if there is anything he needs.  Jerry sits and talks and listens and talks and listens and talks and listens.  He is being an AWESOME big brother!  More like a father, really.  We pray that God gives us the words to say to him and that somehow, some way, we can help him overcome this menace of drug-addiction that has plagued him since his teens. 

And I made another video for you today -- just talkin'. 
I have on the knit top I made in between rehab visits today.  This one is six minutes long.  Pardon the non-matching yellow pants and the unfinished knit top.

And here is a picture of our ALMOST finished patio.  Jerry and I both are so happy with the results, and we both wish we had done it when the house was built.  There are 3 ceiling fans, but I can't seem to get a picture with the whole porch in it.  The top of the posts are still awaiting the caps that have to be special-built due to contractor error. 

I have to get back down to Joyful Rehab on the patio.  Hopefully, the smoke will blow AWAY from my face this time.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Happy 4th Joy,
    You haven't made a top I didn't like and that doesn't look wonderful on you. You pick out fabric that's down right beautiful and I love your videos.
    Picking out fabric scares me! My sister say's I dress like and old lady and that's when I was in my twenties. LOL

    I just bought a used Viking serger 910 and love it! Now I'm saving up for a coverstich machine next. Thinking about get one like yours, do you still like yours?

    Have you ever watched Andrew Wommack Ministries? He would be good for Don.
    You must feel honored that the LORD choose you and Jerry to minister in his brothers life.
    God only gives us what we can handle.
    My husband is an Alcoholic and some times I think I have had enough, but then the LORD always gives me a word. Just yesterday, Jesus said, If you can only love the ones that love you back, even the heathens can do that. Then I politely tell God I don't want to talk to Him today. LOL... I can see the Lord laughing and saying to late Sherry, I already put my word in your heart. Love him through me. So I go put on Day Star with Andrew Wommack.
    Every time my husband hears the truth his attitude changes.
    Anyways thank you so much for sharing and I'll be praying for you Joy!
    GOD bless my sister in the Lord,

  2. Keep on smiling Joy..God has placed your brother in law on your home for a reason. It will be difficult but you have an opportunity to really make a difference in someone's life...even if it doesn't work out you will have the peace of mind knowing you did your best...what a loving gesture to make on your husbands behalf.
    Beautiful SF blouse! Glenda should put you on the payroll since you are such a good testimonial for the system..just kidding...I luv SF too, I'm just not as productive as you.sending you blessings and lifting up you and your family thru difficult times the same way you uplift all your followers when we read your blog and see your smiling face��. Another Joy

  3. Oh my ... you have quite a challenge. Having experience with addiction in
    my family, my strongest recommendation is that he assuredly needs
    professional rehab. Those symptoms are evidence of reflexive detoxing from
    the substances. That can't be done in a home situation.

    It's my strongest urging that it needs to be done in a professional setting
    with those trained to handle it. He has no rational thoughts .. or behavior ,,
    he's helpless to handle it himself, and dare I say so are you and Jerry.
    You and Jerry are likely lost in the woods of this confounding physical,
    mental, emotional horror as any "civilian" would be.

    Please know that I fully understand your situation ..please think
    about this, pray hard on it and reconsider your options. I would
    definitely recommend you seek the counsel of someone expert
    in the addiction field. This process is serious and can be very scary,
    for everyone.

    God bless you as you wrestly with this.

  4. He has been the professional route many, many, many times. It didn't work either. In fact, it made matters worse due to the people he hooked up with in those places, and the replacement drugs the doctors put him on.

    He is doing much better today. He laughed a few moments ago, and I saw some life in his eyes.

    Thank you for your thoughts and your post. If this doesn't work, we will do whatever we can from here on.

    Hugs, Joy

  5. Joy, it is so noble of you to help your brother-in-law. Addiction is a very difficult thing to battle. My uncle was addicted to IV drugs as a young man and got help through the Teen Challenge program ( He went on to become an ordained minister and pastored for 30 years before taking a position as the director of our local Teen Challenge center. Teen Challenge works with people of all ages and is a Christ-centered organization. They do have sites in Oklahoma -- chances are your BIL will need professional help at some point in his recovery and if he has not had success in the past with secular resources, you may find the Teen Challenge program more effective. Check out the information on their website if you get a chance. Good luck and I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


  6. Katrina: I have a grandson that we would like to go to Teen Challenge, but we can't MAKE him go. He is 18 now. I doubt Don would go to any place that had a Christian theme of any kind. He is into some weird belief about space ships and aliens and Haley's comet and other bazaar stuff. He thinks we are completely wrong in our thinking, and he makes fun of it. We are aware of Teen Challenge and David Wilkerson (?) and Nicky Cruz. I believe they were with Teen Challenge. My sister's husband is a preacher and he could get my grandson in for free, but ....

    Thanks for the post.

    Hugs, Joy


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